The environment is our most important resource. When you need to take to the skies, whether it’s for business or pleasure, chartering a green private jet through a broker dedicated to sustainability is the best way to mitigate your impact on the environment.

How do you know if your charter broker prioritizes sustainability? Here are three things to look for when chartering green private jets.

1. Chartering the right green private jet for your flight

An important, yet often overlooked, aspect of green private jet travel is the aircraft used for your flight. If the jet you charter is too big and consumes too much fuel or is too small and requires frequent fuel stops before you arrive at your destination, fuel is wasted, and more CO2 is released into the atmosphere.

At Stratos, our private flight advisors work with you to find the best aircraft for your trip. Not only does this practice save you money by avoiding the higher costs associated with larger aircraft and unnecessary stopovers, but it also helps to reduce private jet emissions. 

2. Offers discounts on empty leg flights

When a private jet is chartered one-way, the pilot and crew are left to fly an empty plane back to base to prepare for the next charter. At Stratos, we maximize fuel use by offering discounts on these empty-leg flights whenever possible.

If you have a flexible itinerary, catching a flight on one of these luxurious private jets already en route to your destination is a great way to save money on your jet charter and help reduce the number of empty aircraft consuming fuel. 

3. Ability to off-set your green private jet

One of the best ways to ensure you’re flying as environmentally friendly as possible is to offset your jet by purchasing carbon credits. 

At Stratos, we partnered with TerraPass in 2007 to create our eco-jet charter program. Carbon credits purchased through this program support planet-repairing initiatives such as landfill gas capture, restoration and conservation projects. We now partner with 4Air to offer a more comprehensive experience for private jet travelers through aviation-centric programming. 

A green private jet soars above the clouds


Green Private Jet FAQs

Are there eco-friendly private jets?

Aerospace manufacturers are currently developing electric and biofuel-powered jets. While we are likely several years away from this green technology being widely adopted for transportation, it does bode well for the future of green private jets and net-zero flying. 

What is the best eco-friendly private jet?

As these manufacturers make strides in green aviation, the best eco-friendly private jet is any well-maintained jet that’s an appropriate size for your flight and offset through carbon credit programs.

For the most fuel-efficient jet, consider chartering the Dassault Falcon 8X, which boasts 20 percent better fuel economy than most jets in its class.

When you’re ready for your next green private jet charter, trust Stratos to take you there in the right aircraft for the mission with the option to offset your private jet emissions through our eco-friendly partnerships. Contact our private flight advisors at 1-888-593-9066 to learn more.