Eco-Jet Charter

An Eco-jet Charter is a program developed by Stratos Jet Charters, in partnership with TerraPass. Eco-Jet Charters provide a way for people who use air charter services to make a net reduction in their carbon emissions.

Through a financial contribution, jet charter consumers can offset the level of greenhouse gas emissions produced during their charter flight. With the Stratos Jets Eco-jet program, the amount paid is equal to about one per cent of the total quote.

While this might seem insignificant, these funds add up. TerraPass uses them to support ongoing sustainability initiatives designed to:

  • Offset our carbon footprint
  • Reduce and/or reuse waste
  • Create alternative energy sources

 Support Eco-friendly Initiatives

TerraPass currently funds more than 20 such initiatives across the United States. These include the generation of clean energy using wind turbines; cleaning drinking water resources; repurposing farm animal waste; and capturing gas emissions from landfills and turning them into a fuel source.

And while private aviation is an invaluable tool for companies and individual around the world, it involves the burning of fossil fuels. Thanks to initiatives like our eco-jet program, private jet travelers have an opportunity to fight climate change by giving back in a meaningful way.

This is just one more example of why Stratos is recognized as an industry leader among jet charter brokers.

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