Eco-Jet Charter: An Eco-friendly Way to Travel

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In the spring of 2007, Joel Thomas set out to develop a voluntary program that could not only benefit the economy, but also the planet. With the help of his brother, Chris Larsen, who sat on the board of the North Carolina Green Council, the pair looked for opportunities to reduce their environmental impact. That’s when they discovered TerraPass, a carbon offset provider. To spread the word, Stratos created the first ever Offset Your Jet Campaign and matched the donations contributed by clients purchasing carbon credits.

What is the Eco-jet Charter Program?

When we began researching ways to provide our clients with a more environmentally responsible way to travel, we knew we had to find a way to offset the carbon emissions produced during each flight. After reviewing different programs and models, we were excited to enter into a partnership with TerraPass.

TerraPass offers participants the opportunity to balance out their carbon footprint. TerraPass’s comprehensive strategy to contribute to long-term carbon emission reductions is one of the best in the industry.

By purchasing a ‘carbon credit,’ clients enjoy the peace of mind that comes with making greener travel choices. To purchase these credits, clients book their charter through our Eco-jet Charter Program. The quote contains a carbon neutral report that details the trip’s potential carbon emissions along with the amount of carbon credits required to offset that trip’s emissions.

This monetary contribution is equal to approximately one percent of the total quote. Though this figure may seem insignificant, the benefits are tenfold.

The Impact of our Eco-jet Charter Program

Through our partnership, clients have the opportunity to hire eco-jet charters and become more environmentally responsible in their travel plans. By September of 2007, just a few months after launching the program, Stratos clients had offset a total of 35,236 pounds of carbon emissions. The support for this project was staggering, and as the numbers convey, the program was impactful as well.

We’re incredibly proud to say that through the Eco-jet Charter Program, we continue to make a positive environmental change by offsetting the impact of private aviation.

Some of the more notable initiatives that the Eco-Jet Charter Program supports include:

Wind Power – Energy created by wind displaces the energy created by fossil fuels such as coal and gas.

Farm Power – Animal waste is a natural bi-product of farming and can be harmful to the environment. TerraPass works with farms across the country to provide alternative solutions for this issue.

Landfill Gas Capture – By harnessing landfill gas, garbage is turned into electricity.

Are you interested in supporting these eco-friendly initiatives by offsetting the emissions produced as part of your private jet travel? Ask your Stratos agent how you can make a positive environmental impact with eco-jet charters. By committing to a more sustainable way of travelling, we can do our part to take care of the environment together—one flight at a time.

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