Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS)

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EFIS is an acronym for Electronic Flight Instrument System. This system is located in aircrafts and is utilized by the pilot or captain. The EFIS is located in the cockpit or flight deck and displays data electronically. In newer aircraft models, the EFIS systems use LCD (liquid crystal displays) monitors instead of the previously used CRT (cathode ray tube) displays.

Size Matters

The size of the EFIS depends on the size of the aircraft – the smaller the jet, the smaller the display. In light aircraft carriers, an EFIS may contain only one display. In commercial aircrafts, the pilot or captain may be privy to multiple screens with more information.

It’s in the EFIS

The EFIS usually consists of the following instrumentation: PFD (primary flight display) – This display features all information that is critical to the flight, such as: calibrated airspeed, altitude, heading, and vertical speed, to name a few. The PFD was created to assist the pilot’s situational awareness since it gives all pertinent information in one neat and tidy little box. MFD (multi-function display) – The MFD shows the pilots navigational and weather information. The information is typically presented as a chart or map with different informational overlays. EICAS (engine indicating and crew alerting system) – An EICAS displays information pertaining to the aircraft’s systems. This includes the fuel, propulsion, and electrical systems. If any mechanical problems arise with the aircraft itself, the EICAS will alert the crew.

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