So, you have weathered the pandemic, your corporation is rebounding, and you want to buy a personal jet to facilitate executive travel. Having a corporate jet available is the ultimate in convenience, but maybe not the best for your bottom line. Many of our clients have discovered the exceptional value of chartering a jet rather than buying a private jet.

Here are four reasons to consider using Stratos Jet Charters for your on-demand corporate travel. 


This is the biggest factor to consider. If you need to charter a flight for 9 passengers from Teterboro (NJ) to Van Nuys (CA) on a Citation Latitude jet, it will cost about $32,000. If you want to buy a Citation Latitude jet for your company, it will cost you $12 million. To compare, that is equivalent to 325 cross-country charter flights for the same cost. 

Hidden Costs

Buying a private jet is the biggest cost factor, but certainly not the only one. Many companies have purchased a jet for prestige and convenience without doing a proper cost analysis. Your new jet needs a flight crew, maintenance team, hangar space, insurance, and fuel to just name a few basic cost factors. It is a major, ongoing expense. 

If you book a charter flight with Stratos Jet Charters, we take care of all the safety and logistical costs. You get a safe, reliable, efficient aircraft for the time you need it, without having to rent a hangar and hire a crew. 


Naturally, buying a private jet makes sense if your company regularly flies the same number of people to major hub airports within the jet’s range. However, the dynamic nature of business is rarely that predictable. Stratos Jet Charters offers scalable on-demand flight solutions.  So one week, you can charter an efficient turboprop to take five colleagues to a remote fishing resort in a neighboring state. The next week, you can fly your 8-person executive group to an international conference in Europe on one of our supremely comfortable long-range jets.

Scalability means you only pay for as much jet as you need for each mission.  It is the most cost-effective method of corporate travel. Our expert private flight advisors can also recommend aircraft for unique destinations, such as high-mountain airports, short-runway regional airports, and island-hopping vacation travel. Larger corporate jets simply cannot access these destinations.

Contingency Control

Even if your corporation invests in a private jet, there will be times when it is unavailable for a mission. Either because of maintenance, weather, or schedules, your jet will not be ready when you need it. We saw this during the pandemic lockdown, as employers and families scrambled to book evacuation flights from COVID hotspots. We saw a surge of first-time clients with no other contingency plan. And though Stratos Jet Charters cannot predict these surges in demand, we are ready for them. Our broad network of charter aircraft and experienced team are ready for any high-demand situation, whether it is bringing VIPS to a sporting tournament, or evacuating employees from a hurricane zone. 

So, we hope we have provided some considerations for chartering versus buying a private jet. However, if you feel you want to invest in a jet, we can help. We have developed excellent relationships within the aircraft industry and can make the acquisition process seamless. Have a look at our Aircraft Acquisition page for more information. 

When your team needs to book a luxury private jet flight anywhere, call Stratos Jets—888-593-9066.