We often get asked: “When is the best time to book private jet charters?” We like to say anytime is a good time to book a private jet adventure. That’s the wonder of chartering a jet and flying on your schedule! That said, there are instances when the timing of your booking can affect:

  • Private jet prices
  • Availability of suitable aircraft
  • Availability of aircraft parking at your preferred airport

So when should you charter a jet for different types of trips?

Private Jet Charters for Major Events

Private jet charters When to book: Several weeks in advance (but the sooner, the better) Why: Big events draw big crowds, including those who prefer to fly privately on jet charters. This includes world-class spectacles like:

  • Super Bowl
  • Cannes Festival
  • The Masters
  • Art Basel
  • Monaco Grand Prix

Not only is booking ahead important for aircraft availability, but the airports also become slot restricted, meaning you must arrive at the airport a certain designated time. Aircraft arrive “in sequence” for landing, as well as ground operations. They do this because the density of air traffic (and parking is limited) is extremely high. With so many aircraft arriving at one airport for the same event, it can be tricky. Additionally, there are only so many ground/car service providers. Booking early ensures you’ll receive a reservation for car service. Events like the Super Bowl draw well in excess of 200 private aircraft. It’s recommended you book several weeks in advance. Otherwise, you might be forced to choose an alternate airport, which can affect the cost—either higher or lower—and possibly result in longer ground transits.


When to book: A few months in advance, if possible Why: Pricing does fluctuate as demand decreases. There tends to be a strain on air charter demand with almost all federal holidays. So last-minute holiday plans generally cost more than for those who plan ahead. As you already know, the Christmas break is an extremely popular time to fly. That’s why it’s a good idea to start planning at least a few months in advance. The issue here might not have to do with airport availability, but rather aircraft availability. By planning ahead, you will:

  • Choose from a broader selection of aircraft
  • Find aircraft that are well positioned to suit your travel needs
  • Coordinate your itinerary with minimal chance of conflicts

Spontaneous Trips

When to book private jet chartersWhen to book: Anytime! Why: The joy of flying privately means you choose when and where you go. It’s as simple as that. If you just want to get away and you’re feeling adventurous, an empty-leg flight can be a little like throwing a dart at a map. These one-way excursions can also result in some significant savings on private jet charters. Air charter traffic tends to travel in similar directions, so flexible travelers can find better deals. If you’re willing to sacrifice schedule, you can benefit from gaps in the on-demand sector and find some deals on repositioning legs. Private jet companies like Stratos Jets maintain an up-to-date empty-leg database with dozens of available flights. When you find one that suits your fancy, all you have to do is make the request. You can also find Stratos’ empty-leg offerings on their Facebook page, or by signing up for their newsletter. To learn more about empty-leg flights, check out our post: Empty Leg Flights Offer the Full Private Jet Experience at a Discount. Are you looking to arrange luxury air travel with a company you can trust? Stratos Jet Charters specializes in private jet charters for both business and personal travel. Our agents are available 24/7—(888) 593-9066 (toll free) or request a quote online.