Best Value: Jet Charter or Private Jet Card Membership?

How do you get the best value for private jet travel without buying a jet? With Stratos on-demand private jet charters and a Stratos Private Jet Card membership, you get all the travel options without the cost of private jet ownership. But having more options also means making more choices. Which is the better travel value: a private jet charter or a private jet card? Let’s look at the advantages of both, in terms of jet availability, flight costs, and convenience.

Jet Availability

When you book a private jet flight, you expect that your travels will go exactly as planned. This is crucial with business travel, where important meetings and potential deals depend on your itinerary. It is one area where a Stratos Jet Card can provide a measurable advantage to travelers.

With a Stratos Private Jet Card, you can be assured your jet will be available. Give us 10 hours’ notice and we’ll have your private jet ready for you at the airport of your choice. Even if your original aircraft develops a maintenance issue prior to your flight, Stratos can provide a back-up aircraft. Since most of your travel costs are already pre-paid, we can make any changes seamlessly.  

Guaranteed Flight Costs

This is the main advantage of using a jet card membership over an on-demand jet charter. With a jet card, you know exactly what you are going pay, up front. It’s ideal for corporate travel, where each travel expense needs to be budgeted and justified.

Pricing for our private jet card membership is based on the category of aircraft you choose. However, there are many financial advantages to purchasing a card at a fixed-rate:

  • Immunity from fluctuating charter market prices
  • Easily-managed aviation expenditures
  • No additional aircraft maintenance, crew or ownership fees
  • No aircraft repositioning costs

If you look at our pricing page, you will see that some on-demand charter flights cost less than jet card flights, especially on standard routes with specific aircraft types. If you are booking a one-time flight to a popular destination, an on-demand charter is a viable solution. Yet, you may still incur some additional costs. The flexibility of a jet card allows you to fly to ANY appropriate airport at a pre-paid fixed rate, even if it is a non-standard routing. It is something to consider if you plan to fly to non-standard destinations such as recreation resorts, factory sites, or family properties.


Stratos Jet Charters prides itself on providing complete comfort and convenience in every aspect of your travels. All our clients get our best service, whether they have booked an on-demand charter or are using a jet card. Stratos offers the convenience of a dedicated Trip Support team that can handle every travel detail, from arranging meeting rooms and hotel reservations to providing in-flight amenities and ground transportation.                                    

If you need to book a corporate trip or a vacation getaway, we can get you there. When you need a private jet rental company that can arrange luxury charter flights anywhere in the world, call Stratos Jets—888-593-9066.




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