Nothing compares to a luxury heavy jet charter when you need to get work done in the air.

Imagine connecting to a virtual conference call from the comfort of a separate and dedicated office space. After your meeting, relax in the entertainment suite and enjoy a delicious meal prepared in the full-sized galley before you retire in the stateroom complete with a bed and shower.

Chartering a larger jet certainly gives you more space to move around, but are heavy jets more luxurious than their smaller counterparts? And how do you ensure that you choose the right aircraft for your mission?

Here are four things to know before you charter a luxury heavy jet.

1. The pinnacle of private aviation

Whether you’re traveling for work or bringing the family to the beach for the long weekend, heavy jets are made for flying in comfort and arriving relaxed and refreshed.

Popular with business executives who need to fly internationally, heavy jets are known for their impressive amenities, including:

  •     wireless Internet
  •     top-tier entertainment systems
  •     dedicated workspaces
  •     unparalleled kitchen space

Plus, the wide-body cabin and stand-up headroom are perfect for longer journeys. Heavy jets are even great for flights with the whole family with seating for up to 15 in many configurations.

2. Fly farther in a heavy jet charter

Not only are luxury heavy jets more comfortable on longer flights, they’re able to take you farther than most light and mid-size private jets.

The Gulfstream GIV-SP, one of the most coveted heavy jets in the sky, boasts a maximum range of more than 4,700 miles while soaring at an impressive 534 miles per hour. This noteworthy combination of range and speed makes the GIV-SP a popular choice for transatlantic missions by easily connecting cities like New York and London, Boston and Frankfurt and Chicago and Barcelona.

Only ultra long-range charter jets surpass the distances achieved by heavy jets. With a jaw-dropping 8,055-mile maximum range capable of flying 12 people from New York to Tokyo, Gulfstream’s G650 is a great alternative to the GIV-SP for clients who need to fly even farther afield.

3. How luxury heavy jets compare

Depending on your party size, origin and destination, a super-midsize jet may better fit your itinerary.

Like luxury heavy jets, these aircraft offer impressive cabin space and a range perfect for both short and long trips. Unlike heavy jets, however, super-midsize charters typically seat eight.

Aside from passenger and luggage capacity, cost is often the deciding difference between these two classes.

How much does it cost to charter a large jet? It depends on several factors including your location, the location of the aircraft and your destination, with the hourly cost of a heavy jet starting at about $11,800.

Super-midsize charters, by contrast, begin at about $8,500 per hour.

4. Soar higher when you charter a luxury heavy jet with Stratos

When you charter a luxury heavy jet with Stratos, we will coordinate a flight on one of the safest and most luxurious heavy jets in the sky. At Stratos, we pride ourselves on the quality of the aircraft in our network.

Through our Approved Vendor Program, we only work with the best air carriers in the business. Before each flight, we run thorough audits on your aircraft, crew and air carrier to ensure they continue to meet our rigorous safety standards even if we’ve flown with them before.

Our proactive approach to jet charter safety combined with our dedication to consumer education and honest advice has earned us the honor of being an ARGUS-certified broker.

Ready to charter a luxury heavy jet or want to learn more about how only work with the best aircraft and air carriers in the business? Give us a call at 888-593-9066 to get started.