The Gateway to Europe rests along the banks of the Main River

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Recently Frankfurt has been swapping out its old moniker, the “Gateway to Europe” for a more sophisticated one: “Mainhattan.” This name evolution is mostly due to its emergence as an exciting new travel destination, instead of just a quick stopover on the way to a different destination altogether. With an interesting blend of ancient architecture and modern glass skyscrapers, the skyline of Frankfurt is slowly beginning to resemble its newest namesake. Read more about private jet charter flights in Frankfurt

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When you soar on a private jet charter to Frankfurt, you’ll have an eagles-eye view of the evolving metamorphosis of this ancient city, complete with multiple tower cranes. This growth has been attributed to Brexit, and experts predict the Frankfurt economy will only continue to grow.The same can be said for the development of the art, entertainment, and food scenes, which appeals to travelers all over the globe.

Things to Do in Frankfurt

200 years in the making, the Staedel Museum boasts some of the world’s most important and impressive collections. These collections include works by Money, Rembrandt, Vincent Van Gogh, Picasso, and Edvard Munch.After sauntering through some of the local museums and galleries, switch gears and head outdoors to Romerberg. After enduring major damage during World War II, much of Altstadt (old town) and the Romerberg neighborhood had to be rebuilt. Here, 15 historic houses were reconstructed and 20 new ones were built in the traditional old style.When hunger strikes, there are many restaurants available in Frankfurt that cater to travelers from all walks of life; however, there are a few you don’t want to skip over. Vevay is a world class, two-story vegetarian restaurant that even carnivores can appreciate. Freitagskuche is a Frankfurt staple and serves up delicious dishes that feature fresh farmers’ market finds and caters to everyone. And don’t forget Gang & Gabe. The menu here features classic German fare and modern mash-ups that highlight the city’s local tastes.The shopping in Frankfurt is also superb. Goethestrasse is home to some of the most upscale shops in Germany. Here you’ll find designer labels like Gucci, Chanel, and Salvatore Ferragamo.

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Experience the extraordinary services and conveniences you get only by booking a private jet charter to Frankfurt with Stratos Jets. We book every flight through international operators with records for safety and excellence. Our clients have access to all types and sizes of aircraft, so no matter the size of your group or your reasons for traveling, Stratos Jets can pair you with the most appropriate aircraft for your personal and professional needs. Fly on demand to Frankfurt with as little as four hours notice, while enjoying an in-flight experience personalized to you.At Stratos Jets, we believe that a charter experience should be nothing less than exceptional.
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Frankfurt Jet Charter Airports

When you arrange a jet charter to Frankfurt, you’ll have a few arrival airport options to choose from. There are eight airports located within a 50-mile radius of the city. The most popular airport in the area is the Frankfurt Airport. This airport is also the third busiest airport in Europe and the ninth busiest in the world. Other nearby airports include: Frankfurt Egelsbach Airport, Hanau AAF Airport, Wiesbaden Aaf Airport, Mainz Finthen Airport, and Siegerland Airport.

Frankfurt Hahn Frankfurt Hahn, Germany, Germany

Trier Fohren Trier Fohren, Germany, Germany

Koblenz Winningen Koblenz Winningen, Germany, Germany

Bitburg Bitburg, Germany, Germany

Mainz Finthen Mainz Finthen, Germany, Germany

Dahlemer Binz Dahlemer Binz, Germany, Germany

Saarbrucken Saarbrucken, Germany, Germany

Zweibrucken Zweibrucken, Germany, Germany

Luxembourg Luxembourg, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Worms Worms, Germany, Germany

Frankfurt Main Frankfurt Main, Germany, Germany

Egelsbach Egelsbach, Germany, Germany

Koln Bonn Koln Bonn, Germany, Germany

Siegerland Siegerland, Germany, Germany

Mannheim City Mannheim City, Germany, Germany

Speyer Speyer, Germany, Germany

Metz Nancy Lorraine Metz Nancy Lorraine, France, France

Haguenau Haguenau, France, France

Geilenkirchen Geilenkirchen, Germany, Germany

Karlsruhe Baden Baden Karlsruhe Baden Baden, Germany, Germany

Liege Liege, Belgium, Belgium

Maastricht Maastricht, Netherlands, Netherlands

Monchengladbach Monchengladbach, Germany, Germany

Dusseldorf Dusseldorf, Germany, Germany

Allendorf Eder Allendorf Eder, Germany, Germany

Essey Essey, France, France

Le Rozelier Le Rozelier, France, France

Entzheim Entzheim, France, France

Croismare Croismare, France, France

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