Turbo-prop Charter Flights in New York, Manhattan and the Hamptons

Charter Flight New York

Stratos Jet Charters arranges weekend charter flights to the Hamptons from New York

After a long week on Wall Street, a luxury weekend getaway to the Hamptons is just what New York business executives need to get a little rest and relaxation. But at six o’clock on a Friday, driving from Manhattan to the Hamptons is nearly impossible in heavy, congested traffic. Suddenly your much-needed vacation is put on hold because of a lack of short distance travel options to the Hamptons. With eight million people living in Manhattan and its surrounding boroughs, there’s not much you can really do to avoid the traffic, or is there? This weekend, leave the chaos and stress behind you by chartering a private turboprop from New York City to the Hamptons. Relax by the beach in your comfortable seaside home, or practice your swing at some of the most prestigious golf courses in the world. Normally, the 100-mile drive from New York City to East Hampton takes a little over two hours, but in heavy traffic or in the summer season, the drive can take as long as four hours. Save yourself the endless frustration and extra headaches, and arrive in the Hamptons in just 45 minutes on a private turboprop charter. Private jet charters ensure that business executives and their families spend every available moment of their vacation in the Hamptons. Currently, Stratos Jet Charters is arranging turboprop charter flight from New York City to the Hamptons out of two, different Manhattan airports. The state-of-the-art Teterboro and White Plains airports are conveniently located Minutes from downtown Manhattan are great options for busy executives and CEOs. While we’re on the subject of convenient vacation travel options, why not consider chartering a turboprop from Boston to other vacation hotspots like Nantucket, Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard? A private jet charter will not only save your valuable time and energy, but will treat you to spectacular views of the Northeastern coast line. Unwind on a private turboprop charter flight to Nantucket by sitting back and watching the waves crash against the beach. No matter how you choose to travel to your next luxury vacation destination, remember there are several air charter options to ensure that your flight home leaves you rejuvenated and refreshed for the next workweek.