Travelling With Children – What You Need To Know

Travelling With Children LAP PASSENGER/CHILD

One competitive advantage that we have at Stratos Jet Charters is an understanding of the various rules and regulations that apply to (legal) private jet charter flying that our competition simply does not have. At every opportunity we should show our potential or current client the knowledge we have about various aspects of private jet travel that differentiates us and positions us as “the” experts in the marketplace. One of the many topics that we can provide expertise in relates to traveling with small children, or lap passengers. “Lap Passenger” refers to children age 2 and under who can usually fly for free on a commercial plane if they sit on their mom or dad’s lap. Understand the Challenges of Parents Many trips have been avoided because of apprehension about flying with a baby or toddler, but that doesn’t have to be the case. When talking with a client (or potential one) who is considering travel via private jet with a very young child, this is the perfect time to mention the convenience features that jet charter consumers enjoy that commercial flights don’t offer. Flying with a baby or toddler comes with unique challenges. One of the main worries from parents is that their baby will become uncomfortable during the flight and start to cry. With jet charter they won’t have to worry about disturbing any other passengers. There also will be a lot fewer sights and sounds on a jet charter to upset their baby to begin with. Changing a baby during a commercial flight or in a large airport can also be very challenging; of course this is much less of a worry on a jet charter. Feeding the baby when necessary during flight is also more convenient with a charter flight.

Other Tips for Parents with Lap Children

Parents with young children should be advised to book a flight in the morning. Most babies are less fussy in the morning, and there are fewer flights at this time of day, so airports are less busy than later on. And of course when they fly with Stratos Jets, they can utilize a wide variety of smaller, regional airports that have far less traffic than flying commercially. Most airlines will charge for extra baggage like diapers and baby supplies, and hauling around a lot of stuff through the airport and on a commercial plane just isn’t comfortable. Though purchasing new diapers and wipes when the client reaches their destination is obviously an option you might suggest, when flying jet charter bringing this extra baggage along shouldn’t be a problem either. It should be noted that many travelers still spend the extra money to reserve a seat for their child, and forgo the lap passenger option. That way, they and their baby feel less cramped on the plane, but this makes the commercial flight more expensive of course. And this still doesn’t address many of the concerns outlined here. The bottom line is that jet charter is the alternative to regular flying can be a lot more comfortable for parent as well as baby or toddler.

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