The fall is synonymous with students returning to classrooms, cozy sweaters and red, orange and golden hues. It’s also a great time for booking campus tours for your child’s upcoming journey to college. And what’s one of the best ways to tour the most campuses in the shortest amount of time? With a domestic charter flight on a private jet.

Soar into the Country’s Best Schools

If you or your child has university on the mind but not sure which schools to apply to, a campus tour can help them visualize their goals and put their best foot forward.

We know that scheduling and booking commercial flights to all the campuses at the top of the list can seem a little daunting. That’s why we enthusiastically recommend securing domestic charter flights on the jet of your choice instead.

Hopping from campus to campus on a private jet is the most convenient option for several reasons. With a private jet you can:

  • Set the pace. A road trip may sound fun, but it’s not the best method of travel when there are different schools across several states to explore. When you fly privately, you customize the itinerary to suit your travel plans instead of adhering to schedules set by commercial airlines.
  • Swap stressful travel for comfort and convenience. Your student is likely experiencing a range of emotions and adding layovers and long queues on top of that could add fuel to their emotional fire. Instead, sweep them away in the comfort and convenience only private jets can provide. When done right, this tour can bring them peace of mind.
  • Enjoy more time on the campus grounds. By taking domestic charter flights on a private jet instead of a commercial airliner, you’ll have more time to spend exploring the campuses. Instead of arriving at the airport hours before your flight and waiting in line-up after line-up, you can simply arrive at the FBO mere minutes before your flight.
  • Access direct flights to small towns. There’s something charming about small-town schools, except when it comes to visiting them. Many commercial airlines won’t travel to small towns. Private jets have access to smaller, regional airports, allowing them to access those hard-to-reach—yet extremely sweet and charming—small towns.

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Sorting Through Campus Tours and Flight Schedules

Coordinating tours at the schools and domestic charter flights is just one of the ways Stratos can help make your trip as effortless as possible. Whether you’re hoping to make your way around the country in a Gulfstream jet or a Lear jet, our Trip Support team can book the perfect aircraft for your mission. They can even help book the campus tours and make sure your flight itinerary lines up accordingly.

Trip Support can also:

  • Arrange inflight catering so you can treat your student to some of their favourite meals between campuses.
  • Secure ground transportation to take you to all those campuses on your must-see list.
  • Access other inflight amenities that can help you stay connected with work between tours

Back-to-school Domestic Charter Flights

Saying goodbye is never easy, and though it’s an exciting time of year, sending your child back to school can be emotional. Instead of saying goodbye in the traditional way, make a trip out of it instead. You can fly back with them and schedule a little time to see the sites together before the first day of school kicks off.

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A Gentle Transition into Campus Life

A private jet charter can make a big difference in the transition to a new school. Some things that a private jet can provide include:

  • Flexible luggage allowance. If your student is furnishing a dorm room or apartment, they’ll likely need ample storage space on their way to school. The right-sized aircraft can accommodate plenty of personal belongings.
  • Extra quality time. By hopping on the private domestic charter flight with your child, you can squeeze in some extra quality time before it’s time to say goodbye for now.
  • A relaxed travel experience. Instead of adding to the back-to-school chaos with commercial schedules, possible delays and lengthy line-ups, sending your child to campus on a private jet gives them the time they need to unwind and prepare for the new school year.

How much does it cost to charter a private jet?

The cost to charter a private jet depends on several factors, including:

  • Departure and arrival locations
  • Schedule flexibility
  • Inflight accommodations
  • Aircraft size

At Stratos, we never book on cost alone. We’ll treat your child like the precious cargo they are by working with the best aircraft providers available in the market. Our chief goal is—and always will be—to make sure our booked charter flights are among the safest in the skies. Our flights may be slightly more costly than other less reputable brokers, but we never skimp on safety.

Our recent blog article, 3 Things to Consider Besides Private Jet Cost When Making a Booking, soars into all the ways we do this and why.

For an accurate estimate of the cost of chartering a jet, we recommend using our online pricing calculator.

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Family Holidays for First-time and Returning College Students

Whether it’s your child’s first year at college or their last, spending the holidays with them is likely one of the most anticipated events of the year. However, getting them home, especially in recent years, can be slightly challenging. It can also be time-consuming, especially if you’re planning a multi-day road trip or creating a travel itinerary that includes lengthy layovers. This means less time spent together around a tasty, food-laden table or cozied up around the Christmas tree next to a roaring fire.

Instead of making the drive yourself or booking your child a seat on a scheduled flight—or several—with a commercial airline, you should consider booking a private jet charter instead. You’ll both enjoy more time together and less time on the road or at a crowded international airport.


Ready to tour college campuses or schedule a flight to bring your student home for the holidays on a private domestic charter flight? At Stratos, we only work with the best air carriers. We’ll be sure to take extra care so you can rest assured that your child’s safety is in the most capable hands. Request a complimentary quote today: 888.593.9066.