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How to Book a Private Jet for a Group

Private jet group travel offers convenience and peace of mind during an elongated commute with a large group of people like colleagues or sports team members. Instead of going through the motions of commercial airline travel, you can breeze past the traditional holdups that tend to get in the way of a relaxing travel day. With private jet group travel, you can sit back, relax and settle into your commute with ease.

Before you book a private flight for you and your group, however, it’s important to get a better understanding of the costs involved, as well as the rules and regulations that come with private air travel in large groups.

Below, we’ve highlighted some of the most important details you need to know ahead of private jet group travel.

Why Choose Private Jet over Commercial Flights for Groups: The Benefits

Group private jet charter can be a simple way to transport a large group of people and create a comfortable and satisfying travel experience along the way. Some of the major benefits of getting ta private flight group together include:

  • Convenience. By far, the biggest advantage of booking group charter flights is the convenience and flexibility that comes with it. When you book private jet services, you have the flexibility to make arrangements for the flight exactly when you need it. You set the itinerary; choosing the departing time and location and avoiding connections is one of the many benefits of booking a private flight for group travel. There’s also flexibility in making last-minute changes. In most cases, a private jet services group will work closely with you to shift your itinerary if necessary.
  • Privacy. It’s all in the name. Private aviation allows you and your group to travel without any other people onboard (besides the flight crew, of course) which offers you a taste of privacy. This can be beneficial when flying with colleagues; private jet group charter allows you to speak openly on your flight about sensitive business matters.
  • Comfort. There’s no denying the obvious difference in comfort when it comes to comparing private flights vs. commercial flights. With spacious cabins and seating, as well as personalized accommodations and other amenities, a private flight for you and a group of friends, family, or coworkers can make you all feel more comfortable throughout your commute.
  • Efficiency. When you book a private plane, you and your group are headed directly to your destination without a connecting flight. Private jets can also land at smaller airports that may be closer to your destination, saving you time all around.

Splitting the expenses may also be considered a benefit to group private jet charter, but we’ll touch on this

Private Jet Charter for Groups: Understanding Expenses

When it comes to costs for group private jet charter, it varies based on where you’re headed and how many people the charter has to accommodate.

Understanding costs for group charter comes with variable and fixed expenses, so there’s not a concrete number to share. There are three specific factors that help determine private air charter expenses, whether you’re flying with a large group or you’re just traveling with your own family. Those include:

  1. Aircraft type. The larger the aircraft, the higher the expense. This isn’t only because you’re filling more seats; bringing more people on a private jet means the private aircraft requires more maintenance, jet fuel, luggage to transport, and other special needs and requests that could be monetary.
  2. Aircraft availability. If fewer aircraft are available for transport, this could have an impact on the pricing of the aircraft in question.
  3. Aircraft location. You may be required to pay a repositioning fee if the aircraft you’ve reserved isn’t already nearby.

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How to Prep and Book Group Jet Charter

A stress-free group travel experience requires intensive planning. Having all of the details set in stone makes it easier for you to communicate to all flight attendants what to expect during their travels, as well as what you’ll need from them to make sure the booking process runs smoothly. Here are some tips for prepping for group jet charter:

  • Involve as many (or as few) people in the process. This is an easy way to make sure all travelers are on the same page. Of course, if you’re in charge of booking the travel, just be sure to share the necessary information along the way.
  • Decide your travel needs before you book. How many people are traveling? Where are you headed? What time is most convenient for you and your group members to fly? These are all important questions to answer before you meet with a group air charter service to set everything up.
  • Contact Stratos Jet Charters. We provide a proactive approach prior to booking and follow all of the rigorous industry standards to ensure you have a safe, fairly priced group flight. Any of our charter agents can help you determine the best air carrier option to meet your group’s wants and needs. Our agents can also help plan other details within your travel itinerary, such as ground transportation.
  • Communicate details with your group. Once you’ve booked the air charter flight, share all of the necessary information with your group about timing, airport, and rules to be aware of before the flight.

Private Jet Charter for Groups: Understanding Rules and Regulations

Understanding regulations ahead of group travel can ensure you and your group members have a safe and enjoyable time on the flight. These regulations are put in place to govern general operating and flight rules and put pilots and operators at a higher standard to provide the best possible flight experience for all travelers. For groups of up to 30 passengers, private jet pilots and crew may operate under Part 135. For groups of more than 40, pilots and crew are responsible for operating under Part 121 and Part 380 operations.

As explained by the U.S. Department of Transportation, “Part 380 of the DOT’s regulations (14 CFR 380) requires all persons who wish to arrange public charter flights to first submit a charter prospectus to DOT which contains information about the proposed charter program.”

For more information on rules and regulations ahead of group private charter, talk to the agent booking your travel. They can give you a better idea of what to expect during your flight, and answer any questions you may have ahead of travel.

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