Citation X WiFI

In this technology-driven economy, corporate executives often rely on the convenience and efficiency of private jet charter flights to bolster their productivity rates. Recently, the introduction of high-speed Internet on private jet aircraft has revolutionized the air charter industry by enhancing an already highly-productive business tool.

With the advent of high-speed Internet on private jet flights, corporate executives can now access their laptops, smartphones, netbooks and other Wi-Fi-equipped devices in their very own “office in the sky” on a private jet. Business executives can stay connected with their corporate or home offices or make last minute changes based on newly acquired information through the Internet. Corporate executives can conduct important meetings, web conferences and business dealings all from 41,000 feet in the sky.

At Stratos Jet Charters, we understand the tremendous value that high-speed Internet adds to private jet charter flights. In order to increase our clients productivity, we’ve added multiple vendors with Wi-Fi-equipped aircraft to our approved air carrier network. Upon request, our expert private flight advisors can now offer free, Wi-Fi high-speed Internet service on jet charter flights to any destination in the world.

Through our vendor relationships with the finest air carriers in the industry, we have access to multiple private jet aircraft with “lightning-fast” Internet capabilities, including Citation X and Challenger 300 aircraft. The Citation X charter jet is the fastest private jet in the air charter market, and the Challenger 300 heavy jet has quickly gained notoriety for offering the most comfortable and luxurious cabin in its class. These Wi-Fi-equipped aircraft are the perfect aircraft for business executives traveling from New York to Los Angeles.

All of our approved air carriers with Wi-Fi-equipped aircraft have met with the strict and stringent safety requirements of the Stratos Jets Approved Vendor Program.  This means that every charter aircraft with Wi-Fi Internet access has either met or exceeded the highest safety standards in the air charter industry. By providing high-speed Internet on the safest jet charter flights, Stratos Jets hopes to provide the most valuable and efficient air charter service in the industry.