Jet Charter Catering and ConciergeUpon booking your private charter flight with Stratos Jet Charters, you will have the option of requesting completely personalized jet charter catering and/or concierge services. Our utmost priority is to deliver a seamless travel experience that exceeds your grandest expectations of luxury and convenience. Our world-class in-flight catering and concierge services are part of that dedication.

About Jet Charter Catering

As you soar through the skies, Stratos Jet Charters will take your palate on a ride as well. Request whatever you crave! Whether you just need basic snacks and drinks to tide you over until landing, or you require exquisite cuisine, Stratos Jets handles it all. Possibilities include hearty sandwiches, fresh fruit platters, fine wines, gourmet cheeses, and more:

  • Standard snacks, meals and beverages
  • Gourmet entree and hors d’oeuvres
  • Custom desserts of any kind
  • Children’s meals and snacks
  • Religious, vegetarian or other special dietary menus

This list is just a sample of your options. Stratos Jet Charters also offers fully stocked bars with any refreshments you request. We can also develop specialized business entertaining/hosting menus that show executives from any industry or region the absolute luxury of private jet charter.

Custom Jet Charter Catering by Stratos Jets

Stratos Jets is a proud leader in the aviation catering industry. Our experienced Concierge Service Specialists take in-flight dining to a new level, offering fine dining services and fully customized menus that are designed to give you and your traveling party a delicious journey to remember. Each of our in-flight caterers is hand-picked by our concierge staff. This team of experts chooses caterers based on their unequivocal ability to serve delectable meals comprised of only the highest quality ingredients. We also maintain rigorous health standards to ensure your safety. Once you have designed your custom in-flight menu (or you’ve chosen a suggested list of options), Stratos Jets tracks the delivery of your catering order from beginning to end. With absolutely no hassle on your part, your meal will be freshly prepared and ready for you to enjoy as soon as you board your private jet.

About Jet Charter Concierge

In addition to catering, Stratos Jet Charters provides luxury in-flight concierge services to ensure you receive a seamless charter experience. Our concierge team is available at all hours to book your hotel accommodations, arrange ground transportation, and more:

  • Rental cars or luxury ground transportation
  • Personal security teams/bodyguards
  • Cargo transportation security
  • Armored cars and vehicle escorts

Stratos Jets also provides luxury amenities, such as on-board meeting accommodations and high-speed wireless Internet.

How to Arrange Jet Charter Catering & Concierge Services

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, let Stratos Jet Charters arrange your next flight with jet charter catering. We can book your flight with as little as four hours notice to any destination, domestic or international. As an on-demand air charter agency, we act on behalf of our clients to arrange private flights on the safest, most well-maintained aircraft, under the command of a highly experienced flight crew. Our private flight advisors have access to a network of over 7,000 charter jet aircraft worldwide to always meet your precise travel needs, offering everything from the largest heavy jets for group charters, down to light and mid-sized options that can get you to your destination quickly, comfortable, and in style. Our team is available 24/7 to find the perfect jet aircraft for your itinerary, at the best possible pricing. Simply call one of our air charter experts today at (888) 593-9066.