Jet Charter Travel Tips

The convenience of a jet charter flight allows travelers to avoid many of the problems that can occur during a commercial trip. Your flight departs on your schedule, and there are no “middle seats”, terrible in-flight food, or lost luggage. (And the only crying babies are the ones you bring with you!)

Utilize the Services Offered By Your Charter Flight Coordinator

They are your single point of contact for arranging all aspects of your travel. They are experts at coordinating seamless air to ground transfers, and they can make your rental car arrangements, book your hotel, or make event reservations. Stratos Jets will also be tracking your flight, and will make changes to your transportation reservations on the ground if necessary, dependent upon your schedule. Discussing travel arrangements or itinerary changes with the pilots rather than your charter flight coordinator can cause confusion and less than desirable level of service.

Print Your Itinerary – and Keep It Handy

Your coordinator will provide you with all of the details of your flight in a single page print out. Be sure to bring a hard copy, as your itinerary acts as a boarding pass and contains aircraft information, departure times and locations along with your passenger manifest and trip notes. If your charter flight coordinator has arranged a rental car or ground transfer, the confirmation # along with direct line of the local rental company will be conveniently found within your trip notes.

Keeper of the Keys

Most people experience a big sigh of relief when they get off a return flight and find their house or car keys exactly where they expected. For the same reasons that you probably put your keys in the same place every day when you’re at home (it’s the best way to keep track of them), you need a spot in your carry-on bag that will hold your keys (and other important items, such as a passport) for the duration of your trip. Of course these are just a few of the many pieces of advice that could be mentioned. But the point is, often times it is the small details that can “make or break” a vacation or a business trip! And always remember that when you travel with Stratos Jet Charters, we will do whatever is in our power to help you and your family or other companions have the best possible flying experience. Joel Thomas

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