Private planes are recognized worldwide as a safe and reliable mode of air travel. Very rarely do you hear of mechanical delays regarding luxury jets, yet they occasionally happen. In those instances, it’s important for you to know what to expect, and how the coordinating jet charter company will respond. Mechanical delays, referred to as ‘mechanicals’ in industry jargon, are frustrating to everyone involved, especially for clients who rely on private planes to maintain rigid travel schedules. In the world of on-demand air travel, these unforeseen circumstances require quick thinking and proactive problem solving on the part of brokers.

Disruption to Service

When a mechanical delay happens, it creates a stressful situation because it adds an element of uncertainty to an otherwise thoroughly planned process. Until the nature of a mechanical is diagnosed, there’s no way of knowing how long the delay will be. These delays also cause a ripple effect that disrupts a broker’s ability to coordinate the other service providers involved:

  • Air carrier
  • Catering crew
  • Ground transfer
  • Other support staff

Taking a Proactive Approach

We know how important it is to maintain your schedule. In the event of a mechanical delay, our trip support team immediately begins searching for alternatives.

We know how important it is to maintain your schedule. In the event of a mechanical delay, our trip support team immediately begins searching for alternatives. Photo by Paul Green,

While companies like Stratos Jets might not always be able to prevent a delay, they have the experience to handle them effectively. In every situation, the goal is always to find the quickest and most convenient resolution for the client. In the event of a mechanical mishap, you can count on a number of countermeasures to quickly take place:

  • Air charter agents immediately begin researching alternate aircraft capable of completing the customers’ travel itinerary
  • Trip Support department informs the service providers of the delay
  • Constant updates for client on status of mechanical issue
  • Charter company establishes a clear picture of when any available aircraft (including the originally contracted aircraft) will ready to fly

The aim is to provide clients with enough information to make an informed decision. That could mean waiting for the mechanical issue to be resolved, or opting to travel on a different private jet. Once a decision has been made, the Trip Support department will then make the necessary adjustments to the itinerary and inform all air service providers of the changes.

Mitigate Problems Before They Happen

One of the most important policies an air charter company can adopt is a safety-auditing program. By partnering with trustworthy carriers and pre-screening all suitable aircraft for a particular flight, companies such as Stratos offer an added level of reassurance for their clients. For more information on industry safety, read our post: Five Things You Should Know About Air Charter Safety. Looking for a reliable jet charter company that takes pride in providing safe, reliable service? With nearly 10,000 takeoffs and landings, Stratos Jets has a proven track record in successfully coordinating itineraries for clients who rely on private planes to get them where they need to go. Our agents are available 24/7— call (888) 593-9066 (toll free) or request a quote online. Header photo credit —