Stratos Jet Charters has just released the most comprehensive guide to private jets ever. Ten articles, almost 20,000 words long, with everything you need to know about the private jet lifestyle. In this guide, which you can find here, we get into the business of private jets, the reasons why you should be flying in private jets, the amenities you can expect to find in private jets, and, well, just about everything else. If it’s about a private jet, it’s in here.

We want to keep you well-informed because we know that if you knew what we knew about private jets, you would never bother with commercial airlines ever again. More than that, we want to make it clear that when it comes to chartering a private jet, there is no better air charter service than Stratos Jet Charters.

What Can You Expect To Find in This Comprehensive Private Jet Guide

The comprehensive guide to comprehensive private air travel is broken down into ten articles:

  1. What is a Guaranteed Fixed-Rate Private Jet Membership?
  2. Private Jet Cost: Rent, Buy or Subscribe
  3. Are Private Jets Safe?
  4. Types of Private Jets to Consider
  5. Private Jet Charters: What to Expect on a Flight
  6. Private Jet Companies: Are They All the Same?
  7. Booking a Flight with Stratos Jet Charters: Soar Higher
  8. What to Look for In A Private Jet Charter Company
  9. Private Jet Availability: Planes, Cranes, and Crew Members
  10. Where Can You Go On a Private Jet?

As you can see, we cover a LOT in this guide. By the time you’re done reading through here you’ll have a deep understanding of private jet flights, the cost of private jets, jet fuel prices, private jet safety statistics, baggage capacity, and so much more.

Why Fly On a Private Jet?

The reasons to fly private are endless, but for the majority of our clients, it comes down to two things: privacy and speed.

A private plane is private because you are not dealing with the public interaction you find on commercial planes. You’re not sitting in a terminal, you’re not sitting in a seat next to someone who wants to ask a lot of questions, and you can go wherever you want to go with private aviation without anyone knowing your every destination.

A private plane is faster because you’re not standing in endless security lines–after you’ve stood in endless lines to check your bags. You’re not waiting the two to three hours that they recommend for early arrival at the airport.

When you fly private, ground transportation brings you right up to the plane. You get out of your car or limo and get into the private jet. You’re greeted by the private pilots and you settle down, and you’re taxiing almost immediately.

No waits, no hassle, and no nosy neighbors watching what you’re doing.

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