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Many of today’s travelers view commercial airline travel as a chore rather than a pleasure. In recent years, frequent flyers have found themselves burdened by security concerns, long lines and inconvenient departure times. For busy businessmen, the prospect of commercial air travel and crowded public airports is daunting. Flying commercial typically requires travelers to arrive hours before departure. For business travelers who can’t afford to waste hours in the airport flying each way, the hassles of commercial air travel make regular trips an unpleasant experience.
Steady economic prosperity in the United States, together with rapidly expanding growth globally; has put a strain on the already over-worked commercial airline industry. Increased demand for air travel, new technologies, and the development of a new business model has fueled the emergence of private aviation as a cost-effective alternative for weekly travelers. The flexibility afforded by chartering a private aircraft is perhaps one of the greatest catalysts to the growth of private aviation. In addition, the economics of the charter model is bringing private jet travel within the reach of an ever-increasing number of travelers.

Private aviation offers many benefits over the mundane commercial air line travel experience. Private air travel is arranged at the convenience of the traveler; eliminating the inconvenience of scheduled departure times and cancelled flights. One may casually arrive at the desired departing airport within as little as 20 minutes prior to departure time. When flying on a commercial airline one is limited to fewer than 700 commercial airports, potentially resulting in long drives and traffic setbacks further delaying the busy schedule of the traveler. Users of private aviation can take advantage of nearly 5,000 airports in the United States; enabling travelers to land just minutes from their destination. While this convenience saves travelers considerable time, traveling on a private aircraft also provides a comfortable and private work area. Since one travels only with guests of one’s choosing, sensitive business discussions are kept confidential, enabling the traveler to maintain productivity while in transit.

The advantages in time, efficiency and productivity offered by flying on a private jet are clear, but obtaining an aircraft at an affordable price offers challenges of its own. Stratos Jet Charters, Inc., enables would-be commercial travelers to easily gain access to a jet of their choosing from home or abroad.

Stratos Jet Charters, Inc., acts as an agent on behalf of their customers to provide assistance in securing aircraft and to provide assurance of fair market value for their private jet charter trip. We are focused on the long-term repeat client and believe that long-term client relationships are born of good experiences not restrictive annual contracts. Clients of Stratos Jet Charters gain the advantages and conveniences private aviation provides without the capital requirements of acquisition, maintenance and management.

Stratos Jet Charters clients have access to an exclusive network of private aircraft that are strategically based throughout the United States, Europe, the Caribbean and Pacific Islands. With access to over 5,000 aircraft that meet the most rigorous standards of safety, Stratos Jet Charters provides the highest level of aircraft flexibility in the industry, and guarantee a private plane within as little as 12 hours notice.

Stratos Jet Charters innovative approach to service has led them to launch a campaign to “Offset Your Jet” through their Eco-Jet Charter Program. This unique program was designed for the most discerning traveler who wishes to balance their flights environmental impact. Stratos Jet Charters and TerraPass have partnered to enable users of private aviation to make contributions that fund renewable energy research and conservation projects. The projects funded through their Eco-Jet Charter Program aim to develop long-term solutions to global warming. President of Stratos Jet Charters, Inc. “We encourage all users of private aviation to book their flights through our Eco-Jet Charter Program”.

The Stratos Jets eco-Jet Charter Program is encouraging; it shows that the renewable energy message is becoming more mainstream and that people are motivated to protect the environment. What’s more is the potential for significant financial contributions to renewable energys that users of private aviation can make.

– Chris Larsen board member of NC Green Power

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