Chartering a jet directly through an operator can be a pleasant and convenient experience. Especially when most of your flights have the same routing; it becomes familiar and routine. But as the seasons change so does the demand for jet charter service. Experienced flyers who charter jets regularly, have at some time or another found themselves scrambling to find a last minute charter flight because their regular plane is down for maintenance or off on a charter flight for the owner. Working exclusively with an operator for air charter limits your selection of aircrafts to what is within their fleet and thus limiting your availability.

Dependent upon the executive airport required for departure and the itinerary, last minute availability can be hard to find and can be costly. When you have the need for a last minute charter flight, repositioning an aircraft is likely required. When you are trying to get out of town quickly the last thing you want to do is spend time on the internet searching for an operator who has availability on the appropriate charter jet for your last minute charter flight.

Air charter agents exist because they can locate all of the relevant charter jets and evaluate the cost of repositioning multiple planes. They can then present you with the most affordable and cost effective options available industry wide as well as provide information related to the pilot’s level of experience and aircraft maintenance records. Air charter agents do not own or operate any aircrafts, but instead work with multiple operators to provide service regardless of the executive airport requested. This is why working with an private flight advisor will allow you to gain you access to 24hr charter plane availability. An agent allows you to gain access to worldwide availability not just the regional availability that an operator has. Charter Agents that have solid relationships with many operators can provide multiple aircrafts at competitive bids that usually compete with the retail prices of an operator. It is important to work with a reputable air charter agency with strong relationships within the industry. The value of the private flight advisor lies in the strength of the relationships that they have within their strategic network of operators with which they work. With an agent you can find the nicest charter jets at the best available price throughout the United States of America, Europe, the Caribbean Islands, Pacific Ocean, Asia and the Middle East. Working with a reputable agent helps ensure that when you NEED a last minute charter flight your aircraft can be available.

When trying to find last minute charter flight availability, it is wise to provide a firm but flexible budget. By providing your agent a budget for your last minute flight, will enable your agent to work quickly and on your behalf to find available aircrafts at the very best price. It is best to give a general budget for guideline for your agent to act within. By providing a budget you will send a powerful buying signal that your agent can work with to negotiate pricing on your behalf.