One of the perks of booking Stratos private jet charter services is the ability to create your own itinerary. However, during the winter months, even the most-detailed travel plan must be flexible enough to accommodate aircraft de-icing. For safety and legal reasons, a private jet cannot take off until properly de-iced. (We covered these safety and regulatory topics in a previous blog article.) Here is a quick summary of aircraft de-icing and how it impacts private jet charter services travelers.

Why De-Ice?

During cold months, ice can form on the surface of an aircraft. The ice is a serious threat, reducing the jet’s lift, which can lead to the pilots losing control. De-icing is done prior to a private jet charter services flight, with an anti-freeze mixture of propylene glycol. The mixture is colored, so personnel can see which parts of the aircraft have been sprayed. Because the procedure is so time-sensitive, it is usually performed immediately before take-off, ideally with passengers on board the aircraft, or waiting in the terminal ready to board.

How It Impacts Travelers

Though de-icing is factored into the pre-flight checklist, it can affect your departure time.  It’s about airport resource management. If your jet was in a heated hangar overnight and the airport has ample de-icing resources, the de-icing time will have no impact on your schedule. However, if there is a high demand for de-icing, your group may have to wait until your aircraft is ready for safe flight.

The second factor is cost. De-icing a jet depends on the size of the aircraft and the severity of the weather.  Passenger safety is paramount, but it incurs additional costs. Proper de-icing can add anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars to your private jet charter services costs.  

What You Can Do

Stratos Jet Charter passengers can reduce the impact of de-icing delays in several ways. The first way is to be early and be flexible. As noted, the de-icing mixture loses its effectiveness within fifteen minutes after application. If your group isn’t ready to go, you may miss your departure time, and have to wait for the aircraft to go through the de-icing queue again.

The second way travelers can reduce de-icing delays is by being pro-active and informed when talking to our expert private jet charter services booking agents. Our agents can reserve a heated hangar for your private jet, and find a suitable alternate airport if your first choice is impacted by severe weather.  We have a lot of experience with winter travel conditions and can help ensure your flight is safe and on-time.

At Stratos Jet Charters, your safety will always be our priority. Although winter travel requires additional preparation, with some planning and flexibility, you will love your next winter getaway.


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