Private Jet Innovations – Blended Winglets

Winglets are one of the best kept secrets in private aviation because of the time and money they save long-distance jet charter flyers. If you’re unfamiliar with winglets, they’re the vertical “fins” located at the wing’s edge. Experienced Gulfstream and Learjet flyers are probably the most familiar with the advantages of the winglet design. With their extended range, higher cruising speed and better fuel economy, winglet-equipped aircraft are some of the most desirable business jets in the charter market.

Winglets increase aircraft performance by reducing the amount of turbulence at the tip of a private jet’s wing. As a private aircraft moves through the air, high pressure on the bottom of the wing meets with low pressure on top of the wing, and creates a vortex at the wingtip. Wingtip vortices are tubes of air that circulate behind the tip of each wing and increase induced drag. These vortices are also responsible for creating hazardous wake turbulence.

There are several ways winglets can add value to your long-distance charter flight. By improving the lift-to-drag ratio, winglets are able to increase your jet’s cruising speed. This means you’ll reach your destination faster and burn less fuel at the same time. If your pilot decides to cruise at a lower airspeed, you’ll burn even less fuel and still reach your destination on time.

An increased airspeed also means an extended range. It’s no coincidence that long-range heavy jets like Gulfstream, Challenger and Global Express all have winglets. This extended range capability becomes extremely attractive for long-range and international charter flights.

Another benefit of winglets is their ability to prevent wake turbulence from occurring by reducing wingtip vortices. Wake turbulence is one of the biggest threats to light aircraft and is directly caused by wingtip vortices. If a small aircraft happens to fly in jet aircraft’s wake, the wingtip vortices are strong enough to flip the entire aircraft. With winglets installed on your jet aircraft, you can rest assured that your charter flight will not be a hazard to others.

For your next long-range or international charter flight, ask your Stratos Jets private flight advisor to source aircraft with winglets. They will provide you with a safe, reliable aircraft that meets the specific needs of your charter flight.

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