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Every day, private jet charters are affected by inclement weather conditions that specifically target charter flights. Weather conditions such as icing or severe turbulence can cause your charter flight to be delayed or even cancelled without so much as a warning from your local weather forecast. Unfortunately, only a handful of reliable weather organizations provide air charter consumers with accurate aviation-related weather information to accurately predict these delays. Even when this information is accessible, it often takes an experienced pilot to interpret complex radar depictions and coded weather observations.

Recently, Stratos Jet Charters launched the Aviation Weather Report Program, a free online service, to inform air charter consumers of inclement weather conditions in advance of their charter flights. Our daily weather reports include information about severe aviation weather conditions such as icing, heavy precipitation and turbulence that can impact charter flights throughout the United States.

By analyzing aviation weather data provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Weather Channel, Stratos Jets agents are able to provide user-friendly weather information to air charter buyers. Our weather reports are written by a certified private pilot “not a meteorologist” to provide passengers with a first-hand account of weather conditions that could impact their flight.

In addition to these new weather reports, Stratos Jets is also providing our clients with a detailed weather briefing for their individual charter flights. These weather briefings will alert our clients to any weather-related issue they may encounter during their flight, from light turbulence to severe storm systems in the area.

Through these daily weather reports, Stratos Jets private flight advisors now have prior knowledge of inclement weather conditions and are better prepared to resolve any weather-related issue or complication. At Stratos Jets, our commitment is to our clients personal safety and we hope to provide private jet flyers with a smooth air charter experience every single flight.

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