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Private Jet Privacy: 3 ways on-demand charters protect you from flight trackers

It’s now easier than ever to track celebrities and government officials in the sky. Want to know where Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis flew aboard state-owned aircraft this week or see where Elon Musk is off to now? Just login to Twitter. 

DeSantis made the news last month after signing a new bill to protect his private jet privacy, and Musk famously offered the creator of the @ElonJetNextDay jet tracking account $5,000 to stop posting. Even the Federal Aviation Administration has taken steps to mitigate real-time tracking through a program that limits aircraft data displayed online. 

However, despite their efforts to protect their private jet privacy, the accounts tracking both the Florida governor and business moguls’ flights remain active. 

If you’re a flier looking to protect your private jet privacy, there’s a better way: on-demand charters. Here are three ways on-demand charters help protect your travel plans from flight trackers.

1. Your information isn’t connected to the jet

Private flight trackers use an aircraft’s tail number to determine its location and flight patterns. However, when you book an on-demand charter, that tail number is only connected to the aircraft’s operator. While these trackers can follow the jet you’re soaring in, they can’t identify you or your passengers.

2. We work with only the best air carriers in the business

Every time you take to the skies with Stratos, everything from the aircraft to the crew to the air carrier has been vetted to ensure they meet our rigorous standards. Through our Approved Vendor Program, we regularly monitor our carriers to confirm they remain dedicated to safety and professionalism.

3. Stratos values your privacy

When you book an on-demand charter with Stratos, we only share your flight information with our team and the ground crew. This level of privacy allows you to enjoy an elevated flying experience in complete privacy.

Private Jet Privacy FAQs

Should I fly on-demand or buy a jet card?

While both jet card membership and on-demand charters give you the anonymity you crave, flying on a flight-by-flight basis allows you to pay as you go, leaving you free to soar higher without risky upfront capital investments.

Are private jet flights public information?

Yes. In the United States, aircraft registration is considered public information. While the FAA offers a program that filters private jet owner’s personal information and jet location, not all tracking software uses FAA data.

ADS-B Exchange—the program often used to track the private jets of celebrities—does not rely on FAA information.

How do I find out who owns a private jet?

If you know the jet’s tail number, all you need to do is visit the FAA’s website and run a search on U.S.-registered aircraft.

Do people with private jets go through security?

When you fly on a private jet, you still pass through security screenings, they’re just easier. Typically, you’ll be pre-screened using the TSA’s No Fly list, but there is rarely a TSA agent at the FBO.

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