Private Jet Charters for Holidays

Charter Flights for the 4th of July

Hard to believe that in just a few days our nation will be celebrating its 234th birthday. Our country has come a long way since the colonial days of our founding fathers and we hope to honor our independence again through our Fourth of July celebrations. Whether you plan on celebrating the holiday by watching the spectacular fireworks in Washington D.C. or by relaxing beachside with your family, private jet rentals are the safest and most convenient way to travel to your Independence Day destination.

If you are planning to charter a private jet for Fourth of July, there are a few things you need to know first. July Fourth, or Independence Day, is one of the busiest travel days for private jet charters. This means that last-minute aircraft bookings are subject to availability and are not always guaranteed for your flight. Stratos Jet Charters has access to thousands of safe and highly-maintained private aircraft but we still advise our clients to book their charter flights in advance. By booking your charter flight now, you will have a much better chance of securing the most appropriate aircraft that meets your travel needs.

Fourth of July travelers should also be advised that fireworks are strictly prohibited on any and all commercial airline jets by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Although a staple of Fourth of July celebrations, fireworks are considered “hazardous materials” by the FAA because they pose a significant threat to flight safety. The FAA does, however, allow private aircraft operators to carry and transport fireworks, so long as the operator has an established hazardous materials program. Stratos Jets air charter consultants have the ability to source private aircraft that meet the FAA’s regulations for transporting fireworks and other hazardous materials. We also recommend private jet flyers to purchase fireworks at their Fourth of July destination.

However you plan on celebrating the holiday, Stratos Jets would like to wish you a safe and happy Fourth of July weekend. We are happy to assist you with any charter flight requests on and around the July Fourth weekend.