High Altitude-Short Runway Performance

If you’re planning to visit a location that’s at a high altitude or prone to extreme temperatures, take note: The Citation Encore, Citation Excel, and Citation Sovereign jets rank among the top choices to handle the trip. All three possess the ability to take off and land on short runways less than 4,000 feet long.

How is this feat possible? Cessna consulted an aerodynamicist from NASA as well as an in-house expert to redesign the straight wing for Citation jets. The revamped wing features air flow with enhanced distribution, resulting in decreased drags and a boost in cruise speeds that means that less runway is needed. These capabilities are often necessary for charter flights bound for hot and humid locations or high-altitude destinations.

Each of these three jets possesses unique characteristics that make it the right choice for certain situations:

The Citation Sovereign
This super midsize jet is a superb choice for long-range flights to and from faraway destinations. It can withstand tricky weather conditions as well as short runways.
Performance Power: The Citation can take off from runways under 4,000 feet long. The jet also features a range of 2,950 nautical miles.
Comfort Quotient: The Citation seats nine passengers. The ceiling is 5.7 feet tall, which makes it possible for most passengers to stand comfortably. The 135-cubic-foot luggage room is the highest capacity of any other jet in the same class.

The Citation Excel
This top-notch jet can handle excessive heat and extremely short runways – making it the ideal choice for charters to virtually any destination that presents these challenges.
Performance Power: The Excel can take off from and land on 3,590-foot-long runways – the most impressive of any jet in the same class. Thanks to Pratt & Whitney Canada turbofans, the engine of the Excel has enhanced airflow to handle high temperatures. This cutting-edge airframe and engine technology propels the jet head and shoulders above other comparable models.
Comfort Quotient: The Excel can accommodate nine passengers or fewer. Its cabin is among the most comfortable of any mid-size jets.

The Citation Encore
Prized for its versatility, low operating costs, and comfortable cabin, this high-flying superstar is arguably the most dynamic jet of the three covered here.
Performance Power: When landing or taking off from sea level, this efficient jet can handle runways as short as 3,490 feet! However, longer runways are required at higher altitudes. Ideal for long trips, the jet has a maximum range of 2,000 nautical miles. Cabin pressurization capabilities, top-notch temperature controls, and anti-icing capabilities enable the Citation to withstand various weather conditions and enhance fuel efficiency.
Comfort Quotient: Passengers appreciate the comfortable flying experience. The plush cabin features entertainment systems, power outlets, and audio jacks to accommodate the needs of business travelers who need to work on the go. The enhanced entry makes boarding simpler for passengers who have limited mobility.

Whether your destination is a high-altitude mountain getaway or an isolated tropical island, today’s technology ensures that these three jets are up to the challenge.