We recently featured a blog article on the workhorses of the domestic charter industry: turboprop jets. These efficient aircraft are perfect for short-hop flights for budget-minded charter travelers. However, some missions require more luggage capacity, higher speeds, and longer range than turboprops can deliver.

If your group needs to travel further faster, we recommend upgrading to the smooth elegant efficiency of a very light jet. Here’s some background information on these peppy planes to help you choose the right private plane for rent

Origins of very light jets

The Lockheed JetStar became the first American non-military jet in 1961, used by VIP private owners such as Bob Hope and Elvis Presley. However, the opportunities for business-related use were apparent. In 1963, aviation entrepreneur Bill Lear launched the iconic Learjet 23 into the private jet charter industry.

In the decades since, the jet charter industry has grown exponentially, offering every type of aircraft from four-seat very light jets to 500-seat charter airliners. 

Benefits we enjoy

Stratos Jet Charters currently offers five aircraft types in the very light jet (VLJ) category. Since on-demand charter pricing is the same across the category, we recommend choosing from the features and amenities you need.

When looking for a private plane for rent, consider these very light jet features:

Efficiency – A nimble VLJ can save you both time and money. Jets in this category can climb faster and maintain higher speeds than turboprops. It’s a real timesaver. And if you need to transport a few passengers to a regional airport, why charter more jet than you need? A VLJ can act as an ‘air-limo,’ taking a handful of VIP passengers to a regional destination in plush comfort. You get the perks of jet transportation without all the costs.

Honda Jet Charter Flight

The Honda Jet has a plenty of room for all your sports equipment and luggage.

Versatility – As noted, we have five different aircraft types in this category, each with its own niche. Need to carry five passengers? The Honda Jet can handle it. Need speed? The Citation M2 travels at a brisk 450 mph. Bringing your golf clubs? The Honda Jet has a generous 66 cubic foot luggage capacity. What about range? The Citation M2 and Phenom 100 are category leaders, capable of 1,520 nautical miles per leg. In real-word travel terms, that’s a quick jaunt from Miami to Denver. 

Amenities – All our jets are designed with business travelers in mind.  You can expect plush seating, practical fold-out work surfaces, an enclosed lavatory, a sound-proofed cabin, extra legroom, and WiFi connectivity. 

Runway access – One of the biggest advantages very light jets have over larger private planes for rent is runway accessibility. An agile VLJ can fly you to destinations that are unavailable to larger aircraft. If you’re island-hopping on a family holiday or taking your team to a remote conference site, a VLJ is the perfect transportation. 

This is just a brief overview of the very light jet category. If you need more information, just take a peek at our aircraft comparison page. It details each of our private planes for rent by type and category and allows you to do side-by-side comparisons.

And, of course, you are always welcome to call one of our jet charter agents. They’ll help you find the perfect on-demand private plane for rent for your next journey. 


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