Giving Help and Support to the Victims of the Joplin Tornado Tragedy

Joplin Tornado Tragedy

An intense string of tornadoes shocked our nation last month when they brought large-scale destruction to many parts of the South and Midwest. Yet, nothing could have prepared us for the complete devastation in Joplin, Missouri on the evening of May 22, 2011.

Only a few, short weeks after the April tornado outbreak in the South and Midwest, a powerful EF-5 tornado touched down in the Missouri city of Joplin. The tornado destroyed nearly a third of the city, leaving a quarter-of-a-mile-wide pathway of destruction.

An estimated 8,000 households were destroyed by the tornado, leaving thousands of Americans homeless. Several buildings, including the John Hopkins Medical Center, were also severely damaged or destroyed, which threatens the livelihood of many Joplin residents.

With our deepest sympathies and condolences, we at Stratos Jet Charters, send our thoughts and prayers to the many victims of the Joplin tornado and to all those affected by the tragedy.

It is during tragic times such as these that we are reminded of our patriotism for our country and our compassion for our fellow Americans. In times of great tragedy, we must preserve our country’s founding principles of independence, freedom and unity.

In the days following the Joplin tragedy, Americans have come together to help other Americans in Joplin recover from their loss. Encompassing the American spirit of independence, we look not to our government, but to ourselves, to deliver the much-needed aid to the victims of the storm.

The families affected by the tornado are still in great need of various forms of help, from monetary assistance to assistance in meeting basic living needs. We write to you on behalf of all of the victims to ask for any help that you can give to the victims of the Joplin tragedy.

The victims of the Joplin tornado disaster are slowly trying to rebuild their lives, and they rely on the help and support of those who are better able to provide assistance. Your support will go a long way in helping rehabilitate the lives of the victims.

As a Christian-based company, we ask that you please make a donation to the College Heights Christian Church – located in Joplin – regardless of your religious affiliation. The church is currently accepting online and text message donations, and 99 percent of your donation will go directly to the victims.

You can also make a donation in the form of check to the “College Heights Christian Church†at 4311 E Newman Rd., Joplin, MO 64801. Please write “Storm Fund†in the memo field of your check. For other ways to donate to Joplin victims, you can visit the main Joplin Tornado Relief page on Facebook for a large directory of relief organizations dedicated to helping Joplin victims.

With your support, I know that we can all help rebuild Joplin, and get the victims of the tornado back on their feet again. Thanks all.

All my best,

Joel Thomas

President – Stratos Jet Charters

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