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At Stratos Jets we think everyone can agree, having a safe flight that reaches its destination without incident is the primary goal, and all other considerations come secondary in relation to that. We believe that safe flying should always be the focus of the jet charter company that you choose to do business with. Sadly, that isn’t always the case with our competition.

A concept that we have implemented within our company that sets us apart is that of a comprehensive Safety Management System, or SMS.

What is a safety management system? It’s an internal program that deals with safety characteristics throughout an entire organization. An SMS offers a systematic way of categorizing hazards and managing risks, and to be truly successful it must become part of an organization’s culture; the manner in which people do their job.

Historically aviation safety has improved throughout the years using the “investigative approach”, which is essentially waiting for accidents to take place and then finding their causes and ways to address them. It’s easy to see why this approach is suboptimal when compared to a more proactive one, especially when the possibility of catastrophic accidents exists – like it does within the aviation industry. Through ongoing training and company support, our employees are given the tools to proactively seek out potential problems before they occur and the means to fix them.

As added financial incentive, there are numerous business benefits to an SMS culture as well. Not only are jet charter consumers like you more aware that our company culture is focused on safety (which hopefully is important to you too!), but this type of company emphasis also helps create employees who are more satisfied with their jobs.

Our clients at Stratos Jets know that jet charter safety is our top priority, every day. That’s why we require that the Captain of every flight we charter is ATP-rated, the highest level of pilot licensing in the country. We also require that every domestic flight is audited by leading third-party auditors Wyvern or ARG/US, the most stringent standards for flying safety. Unlike certain competitors we would never work with an operator that isn’t fully-compliant with Part 135 to save a couple of dollars. Our Approved Vendor Program means we will only work with operators who have a business model based on quality and occupational safety, with control systems in place that ensure their aircraft are operating safely.

Our SMS mindset helps to ensure our full compliance with FAA regulations and other rules. It is also the reason why Stratos Jet Charters has recently been asked to join the prestigious Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF). Between our new membership with the ACSF and our leadership role within the Air Charter Association of North America (ACANA), at Stratos Jets we are leading our industry by example.

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