Jet Soar As leaders in the private jet charter industry, at Stratos Jet Charters we believe that an educated consumer is our best client. That’s because in most objective ways that you can measure, we come out on top of our competition. In this series, we will be examining the Top 7 Questions That You Should Ask before you book your next charter flight. These tips will ensure that you are booking the safest, most well-maintained jet aircraft, with the most experienced crews, are actually on a legal jet charter, and are receiving the best possible pricing. We will also explore some of the various options that you have available to you to make your charter travel as enjoyable and convenient as possible. So to get us started, what are the 7 basic questions that you should ask before your next private jet charter flight?

  1. What are the safety standards of the flight that I will be taking?
  2. What are the credentials of my flight crew/pilots?
  3. Is the aircraft that I will fly on registered with the FAA?
  4. What type of insurance coverage does my operator have?
  5. How do I choose the best aircraft for my trip?
  6. Am I getting the best possible pricing for my flight?
  7. Can my jet charter broker handle all of the other details, big and small, of my flight – like concierge services, day or night access to their flight department, having my plane ready on short notice, and others?

We will show you in this series why each of these questions are so important for your safety and to your overall travel experience. We also feel that when you ask each of these questions of us here at Stratos Jets, you’ll be very comfortable with the answers you receive.

To get us started, why should you use jet charter services in the first place?

Private jet charter is a critical resource for those whose time is invaluable, for whom privacy and/or security is vital, and for those whom private jet charter is only realistic option for their travel. Those who utilize business aviation services look to save the time associated with business travel, avoid the many hassles of flying commercially, and to greatly increase productivity during the trip. With shorter itineraries, private jet charter can substantially reduce other travel costs such as overnight stays, ground transportation, airport parking and many others, and also save perhaps the most important cost – the extraordinarily valuable time and resources of today’s top executives. Charter flights greatly enhance in-flight productivity, and offer the ability to fly with whatever group of traveling companions that you desire. This provides benefits such as the opportunity to work collaboratively with business partners, or travel with personal security or cargo escorts. Other major benefits include the much greater flexibility in scheduling and choice of origination and destination airport, often allowing you to fly directly to your destination no matter where on the globe it might be. Jet charter also avoids many potential headaches such as lengthy commercial flight delays, crowded planes and long TSA security lines, or lost luggage. Our concierge experts can also arrange luxury ground transportation waiting for you on the tarmac, provide for any in-flight catering or entertainment needs, can make hotel and restaurant reservations for you, or even get you tickets to that big event. You have the opportunity to sit back and relax, while someone else handles all the details both big and small that make for the most enjoyable travel experience. In total, business aviation services and private jet charter for the individual traveler gives our clients a wide range of benefits that they cannot receive otherwise. And because Stratos Jet Charters has long-term relationships with a network of aircraft operators all around the world, we can always find you the perfectly-sized aircraft with all the amenities that you require, on the safest planes and commanded by the most experienced crews, and at the best possible pricing. We hope that you’ll give us a chance to show you the Stratos Jets difference on your next charter flight. We work incredibly hard to ensure a travel experience that you would happily recommend to your family, business colleagues and friends. This is because referral business and repeat service to our valuable clients is essential to our success. Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (888) 593-9066 or use our online tool to provide you with a quote for your upcoming itinerary. Now that we have explained just some of the many benefits of private jet charter to you, let’s next move on to the first question you should ask before you book your next flight. UP NEXT: What are the safety standards of the flight that I will be taking?