7 Things You Must Know Before You Book Your Next Charter Flight – Part 2

Businessmen Shaking Hands As leaders in the private jet charter industry, at Stratos Jet Charters we believe that an educated consumer is our best client. That’s because in most objective ways that you can measure, we come out on top of our competition. In this series, we are examining the Top 7 Questions That You Should Ask before you book your next charter flight.

#1 What are the safety standards of the flight that I will be taking?

Private jet charter consumers, especially those who have not flown privately before, often ask what the safety standards are for the flight they are about to take or are considering. First, you should know that we will only work with aircraft and operators that are fully FAR Part 135 compliant. Part 135 is the legally required FAA standard for which aircraft safety, operating, maintenance, regulations and licensing are measured. Unfortunately for some jet charter consumers, this compliance is certainly not assured on every one of our competitor’s flights. (We will talk more about illegal jet charters later in this series) Next, every domestic flight brokered by Stratos Jets is audited by leading third-party auditors Wyvern and ARG/US, the highest standards for flying safety and excellence within air charter. These audits are recognized as the most prestigious in the industry, and they confirm the absolute highest possible safety standards for your flight. In fact, Stratos Jets is one of the very few air charter brokers in the industry that provides one of these safety audits on every flight that we charter.

#2 What are the credentials of my flight crew?

Of course, in addition to following every regulation necessary for a legal charter, another component of a safe flight is the human element or the experience and skill of the pilots who will be commanding your flight. That’s why we require that the Captain of every flight we charter be ATP-rated. The Airline Transport Pilot Certificate (ATP) is the highest level of aircraft pilot rating, or license, attainable in the U.S. Those certified as Airline Transport Pilots are authorized to act as pilot-in-command of a scheduled or chartered aircraft having a maximum gross weight over 12,500 pounds or having over 9 passenger seats. The Federal Aviation Administration offers the ATP Practical Test, also known as the “checkride.” The qualifications required to simply be eligible to take the test are extensive, beginning with the requirement that the candidate have at least 1500 total hours of flight time, with a required number of night flight time hours and takeoff/landing pairs as well, in addition to instrument and cross-country flight time. A qualifying pilot must also currently possess a first-class medical certificate from the FAA. ATP rated pilots are then tested on a wide range of theoretical subjects and disciplines, such as operational procedures, principles of flight, flight planning and monitoring, meteorology, general and radio navigation, instrumentation, air law, IFR (instrument flight rules) and VFR (visual flight rules) communications. In other words, ATP-rated pilots are the best in the business. They are the most experienced, well trained and prepared professionals you can find in the jet charter industry. We should mention that charter pilots are NOT required to be ATP rated to captain your next flight, but at Stratos Jets we mandate that every one of our flights has an ATP rated captain on board. In fact, in most cases both pilots – unlike others, we require two pilots on EVERY one of our charter flights – will be ATP rated. Many pilots currently flying for other charter companies are simply “commercially rated.” Knowing these qualifications, the benefits of having an ATP rated pilot on your next flight should be clear to you. ATP ratings provide you with the utmost peace of mind that your flight will be on the safest and most professionally operated private jet aircraft available to you. We are completely dedicated to providing the safest travel possible, on the most appropriate and best-maintained aircraft, and with the finest, most experienced crews to each one of our valued clients. Our insistence on ATP rated pilots at all times is just one more way we ensure that every day. We hope that you’ll give us a chance to show you the Stratos Jets difference on your next charter flight. We work incredibly hard to ensure a travel experience that you would happily rave about to your family, business colleagues and friends. This is because referral business and repeat service to our valuable clients is absolutely essential to our success! Call one of our experienced air charter representatives 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (888) 593-9066 or use our private jet quote online tool to find charter pricing for your upcoming itinerary. UP NEXT: Is the aircraft that I will fly on registered with the FAA?

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