Chapter 6:

Choosing the Right Private Jet Company: Which is Best?

When flying by private jet charter, you want to make sure that the private jet you’re on is the best it can be. You want it to be luxurious. You want it to be the safest possible. You want it to be top-of-the-line. And you want a flight crew and service team who know what they’re doing. So, how do you determine the best of the bunch when it comes to private jet companies?

The best private jet companies have the highest values and integrity to achieve them. At Stratos, our vision is to provide an air charter service that educates our clients and helps them make an informed buying decision.

Our focus goes beyond merely brokering a private jet to get you to your destination. We analyze the market to identify all available aircraft with the necessary performance characteristics to achieve your goal and provide insights into the operational history of each air carrier.

As your trusted point of contact for booking a private jet, we are responsible for the proper coordination and organization of your flight. To achieve a consistently reliable coordination and travel experience, we’ve made large investments in both personnel and technological infrastructure.

This combination of prioritizing information and proper flight planning yields increased margins of safety, fewer unexpected events and an overall reliable travel experience.

Stratos Jet Charters has a proven track record of nearly two decades of experience chartering tens of thousands of flights across the country, across oceans, and delivering people where they want to be as easily, conveniently and luxuriously as possible.

So how do you find the best private jet company? Don’t worry, you’re already here.

A gulfstream jet taxiing for takeoff.

What Is the Best Private Jet Company?

Stratos Jet Charters makes a very strong case as the best private jet charter company. We have the Stratos Safety Program that has earned us the recognition of being an Argus Certified Broker, we carry a $10 million non-owned aircraft liability policy that goes over and above the air carriers insurance policy, we have excellent relationships in the community with air carriers, plus we have the intangibles: the vision, the service, and the dedication to the customer.


It starts with safety, the thing that we consider to be the most important aspect of any flight. As a charter broker, we do not own any of our planes. This allows us to drive our revenue to carriers who adhere to extremely strict and rigid standards of excellence in their safety record.

Air safety is a by-product of culture. We will not tolerate safety infractions by carriers we work with and if there are pilots who break the regulations, we will simply pause working with those air carriers until they can demonstrate a commitment to expanding the margin of safety. We have found over the past decades that this no-tolerance policy has served us well. We have never had an accident on any of the airplanes we’ve chartered in all of our years of flying.

As part of that, we do critical safety checks of every airplane on every single flight. We only use trusted and screened aircraft operators. Before we book the flight, we audit the air carrier for operational excellence.

To ensure that they are in good standing with our reqs. For each flight, we conduct an ACI audit: Aircraft, Crew, Insurance. We also go above and beyond some of our competitors in insisting that there is always a pilot and a copilot on every flight, no matter the size of the aircraft or the distance being traveled. Not everyone does that.

Learn more about Stratos Air Charter Safety Due Diligence Program.

The Pinnacle of Service

You can give us the most challenging itinerary and we will almost always be able to not only meet your expectations but exceed them, giving you an even better flight experience than you asked for. We are not satisfied with simply checking the boxes. We want to satisfy on every level. Here are just a few of the ways we do this:

  • Tailored itinerary. We can handle diverse and intricate travel requests, and even make last-minute changes to your plans.
  • Service beyond your traditional expectations. We aim to go above basic requirements and create an experience worth remembering (and returning to).
  • Continuous pursuit of excellence. We’re committed to staying in front of industry standards, so we’re constantly evolving and refining our services.
  • A customer-centric approach. We are diligent in our efforts to understand your unique wants and needs and are focused on ensuring that we deliver what you’re expecting.
  • A proud recommendation. We’re proud to be a recommended by Argus, the world leader in private aviation safety and by some of the top aircraft operators in the industry

Our Reputation is Everything

We want to be your private jet charter service, so we have made it a priority to make the Stratos name synonymous with quality. For starters, we are an ARGUS Certified Broker, the world leader in aviation safety, auditing, consulting and analytics firm that only certifies those private jet rental companies that meet their standard.

Aside from ARGUS, we take all of our accreditations seriously. Our accreditation portfolio is available for anyone. You can read through all of them here.

Membership Privileges

One of the aspects of Stratos’ private jet travel service that clients find most attractive is our membership program, which offers guaranteed fixed hourly rates, flexible cancellation policies, complimentary services, and an overall superior way to book your private air travel. You can learn more about our membership program here.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Private Jet Charter Broker?

The question here is whether it’s better to use a private jet charter broker versus the other three options:

  1. flying commercial,
  2. booking directly with the air carrier, or
  3. buying your own private jet.

Booking directly with an air carrier has many limitations.

  1. Limited availability and types of private jets available.
  2. No insights into their operational history or advocate for ensuring the safest crew is assigned to your flight.
  3. Air Carriers generally have financial incentives that drive them to push customers into booking what is right for them and not what is best for the customer.
  4. Finally, air carriers often have to comply with an ever changing schedule which could mean that the customer will spend a considerable amount of money on positioning the aircraft to its next point of departure and then back into position for their return flight.

Flying commercial has a significant number of drawbacks, no matter how good first class is. The biggest difference between commercial and private aviation is accessibility and scheduling. With a commercial flight you fly or connect to what is available. With Private you define when and where you travel . On a luxury private jet you also enjoy ease of boarding without the hassle of having to go through security lines, wait at terminals, and deal with crowds or the limited schedule of the airlines.)

The other option of buying your own private jet is one that you should consider carefully. Buying a private jet is a major expense–much more expensive than choosing a private jet charter service.

And that’s only the cost of the plane itself, to say nothing of employing the pilots and crew, providing all maintenance, and then simply paying for a plane that may sit unused in a hanger for weeks in between uses. Of course, if you’re flying every other day, then buying a private jet might be cost-effective over charter flights. But people in that category are rare.

Two private jets under maintenance in a hangar.

What Is the Safest Private Jet Company?

We’ve already touched on our safety record above, but it’s worth going into more detail. We aim to maximize safety with every decision.

In our downloadable report on Stratos Jets Safety Record and Procedures, Joel Thomas, the president of Stratos, has this to say: “There is much more to aviation safety than a given absence of accidents; ideal safety is the maximum, reasonable reduction of risk.”

That’s what we live by. We do not count our safety record in the number of times that we have never had an injury on the plane. We count our safety record by the adherence to processes and standards that mitigate flying risk.

Again, there is no such thing as elite travel without elite safety.

A couple on a private plane celebrating a romantic moment.

What Private Jet Company Do Celebrities Use?

While we would love to brag about the CEO, actors, personalities, and politicians who have used Stratos Jet Charters, we also make it very clear that we do not divulge the identities of our passengers. It’s called private aviation for a reason. Your travel plans are kept private and confidential.

We hold your privacy to be very important, and we wouldn’t think much of ourselves as an elite charter option while gossiping about our clients headed to big cities. It’s enough to say that we do make a LOT of flights from Los Angeles to New York City and back.

When you have the reputation that Stratos Jet Charters has, it’s not hard to imagine that big names will come calling. One of our biggest selling points is that CEOs and VIPs don’t need to wait for scheduled flights on public air carriers, but that their private jet flight can be ready to go in just a few hours’ notice, and we can be wheels-up, ready to take whoever it is wherever it is they need to go.

A flight attendant on a private jet.

What Private Aviation Solution Is Right for You?

Stratos Jet Charters makes every possible attempt to be the best option of private jet companies that you will want for all of your travel needs. Whether you’re traveling cross-country, across the ocean, or merely across the state, we–through our strong relationships–make it possible to accommodate almost every need.

We developed our business model to meet the broad travel demands of the busiest business executives with the most stringent, most-detailed scheduling needs. That’s why we designed and developed a proprietary, real-time trip-management system that can handle any logistical challenge. We truly believe that no other jet charter service can track, monitor, and fulfill your travel needs better than we can.

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Chapter 7:

Booking a Private Jet with Stratos Jet Charters: Soar Higher

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