For those that typically fly commercial, it’s been a few years of managing travel restrictions, unexpected flight cancellations, and last-minute itinerary adjustments as the world learned how to navigate unprecedented times.

However, private jet travel rose in popularity during this time as frequent travelers looked for new ways to get where they needed to be safely and efficiently. This prompted hundreds of would-be commercial flyers to seek out private aviation.

If you’re new to private jet travel, here’s what you can expect when flying private.

Private Jet vs. First Class Seat

Flying private is unlike any other method of transportation, including flying first class with a respected airline company. When you fly privately, you enjoy the entire cabin to yourself. You’ll only share the space with the people you’ve brought with you and a small number of crew members. You’ll also have the luxury of setting your own schedule instead of choosing a departure date and time from a list of pre-determined dates.

first class seat versus a private jet charter

Another perk to flying private is having access to numerous amenities, including a luxury private jet bathroom, and in some cases, a private jet bedroom. But those aren’t the only benefits worth mentioning.

Booking a Private Jet

When you’re ready to book a jet for an upcoming trip, you can do so in a few ways:

picture of smart phone with flight booking app

Once you’ve been in touch with an advisor, they’ll help determine your travel needs and requirements and line you up with the most appropriate, safest private jet for your trip. Once your flight details have been arranged, you’ll be able to access additional support and services, like in-flight catering, ground transportation, and accommodation and restaurant reservations.

Your itinerary will be available to you on our online platform. Here you’ll be able to:

  • Search for and request flights, including empty leg flights
  • View your itinerary and share it with others
  • See a record of your flight history
  • Access exclusive invites and deals from our partners

Some travelers have questions about the efficiency of private jet travel. Though private jets are smaller than commercial airliners, the flight time is relatively the same. We cover this topic in depth in a previous blog article: How Far Can a Private Jet Fly? What You Need to Know About Long-haul Luxury Flights.

Once your flight is booked, let’s look at what you can expect when you board your private jet.

Arriving for the Private Jet Departure

woman arriving at her jet charter

When you booked your private jet charter, you would have been able to determine which airport you’d prefer to depart from and arrive at. There are so many options available to private flyers. Instead of dealing with busy international airports, Fixed-base Operators (FBOs) are generally a much more convenient option.

Private jet flyers are in the unique position of being able to arrive less than an hour before their flight, regardless of whether the destination is international or not. That’s because you don’t have to go through the usual security and luggage checkpoints.

Simply arrive at the departure location minutes before your flight is scheduled to depart, sign it at the FBO front desk and board your waiting aircraft with your luggage in hand. It’s that simple.

What to Expect During the Flight

Once you board your flight, you’ll instantly have access to a private cabin that’s been completely customized to suit your travel preferences. The leather recliners and couch (if your aircraft is equipped with one) offer plenty of room to stretch out. These seats can usually be manipulated to deeply recline or turn into a bed. There may also be tables that can be retracted when not in use.

man sitting inside private jet

Prior to arriving, the Trip Support team would have inquired about your catering preferences. Your refreshments will be brought out at your request as soon as you’re ready for them, so you can enjoy your favorite meal, snacks, and drinks in the peaceful solitude of the cabin.

Every aircraft will come equipped with a lavatory for in-flight use. However, depending on the size of your aircraft, the lavatory may come with additional features. For example, the luxury private jet bathroom on a Global 7500 will likely come with a walk-in shower, as opposed to the lavatory on a Citation Encore, which is equipped with only a sink and toilet.

Private jet travel is also the best way to travel with a dog, as they have full access to the cabin during the flight. You won’t have to stow them away under your seat during takeoff and landing or have them travel in the cargo hold of the aircraft.

Arriving at Your Destination

A huge benefit you’ll appreciate upon arriving is skipping the baggage carousel entirely. Once the private jet has come to a stop, you can simply gather your belongings and deplane. If you have ground transportation arranged prior to landing, you can walk directly to your waiting vehicle and be on your way before commercial passengers on the same flight path and schedule have even left their aircraft.

Packing Tips for a Quick and Efficient Flight

image of black suitcase

So what can you take with you on a private jet? You can essentially bring all the same things you can take with you on a commercial flight, with fewer restrictions.

Private jet travel allows you to bring:

Liquids: The amount of liquids you bring on a private jet isn’t limited to a small plastic bag. You can bring with you a bottle of your favourite champagne, full-sized beauty products and anything else you’d like.

Pets: As we mentioned earlier, flying privately is the best way to bring your pet with you. Instead of treating them like cargo when you fly commercially, your pet will act like a fellow passenger on a private aircraft.

Firearms: If you’d like to bring a firearm with you, you can do so in certain situations. There are regulations to follow, so be sure to mention this to your advisor when booking your charter.

Sports equipment: If you need to bring oversized sporting equipment, like snowboard and/or golf clubs with you, make sure to check with your advisor prior to booking the aircraft. Some aircraft aren’t equipped with enough storage space, so it’s always a good idea to check prior to departure.

Ready to discover the bespoke luxury of private jet travel? At Stratos, we’ve spend nearly two decades providing clients with the best customer service and the safest aircraft in the sky. Reach out to a private flight advisor today at (888) 593-9066 or request a free quote to get started!