Have you ever packed up your bags and headed out to the airport hours before your flight because you were heading to an international destination only to get through the lengthy line-ups to discover your flight is delayed, putting you behind schedule? You don’t have to encounter this kind of scenario if you book a private jet. In fact, a private plane hire will almost always depart on time and on your schedule.

man boarding private jet with flight attendant

If you’re ready to give up traveling with commercial airlines, here are the top nine reasons to consider a personal jet rental.

Benefit #1: Fly in One of the Safest Aircraft in the Skies

When you book a charter airplane with a reputable broker, you’ll find yourself flying on one of the safest aircraft in the air. Most charter broker companies adhere to rigid safety procedures and protocols to ensure the aircraft they book are safe.

Before you book with a charter company, ask them what safety policies they have in place. You’ll want to make sure they are:

  • An ARGUS-certified broker
  • An Air Charter Safety Foundation Member
  • Working with air carriers that undergo third-party safety audits often
  • Committed to aviation excellence
  • Maintaining their own insurance coverage

If you find an unreasonably low-priced charter, be extra cautious. This could mean that the aircraft hasn’t passed through the rigorous safety standards you should expect.

Benefit #2: You Set Your Preferred Schedule

If you’re in the business of booking chartered aircraft, you’re likely on a tight schedule. If commercial airlines have put you behind schedule far too many times, a private plane hire is worth the extra costs.

When you book a private jet charter, your private flight advisor will ask you where you’re going and when you want to go. Not only do you get to choose which airport you arrive at, landing as close to your destination as possible, you’ll get to pick the day you fly and the time of day you prefer to leave.

And since it’s your personal jet rental, you won’t have to wait for other passengers or aircraft delays caused by earlier flights getting behind in their schedules.

woman sitting in private jet

Benefit #3: Less Interaction with Other Travelers

In recent months, this benefit has risen to the top of reasons why people prefer to fly private. With a private plane hire, you can choose to depart from a smaller, less active airport, keeping you distanced from other travelers and airport personnel.

If you do have to depart from an international airport, however, you’ll likely depart from a fixed-base operator (FBO) and not the main airport terminal. FBOs are much less busy, reducing your likelihood of encountering those outside of your family, friend or work groups.

Benefit #4: Improve In-flight Efficiency & Privacy

If you’re traveling for work-related purposes, you likely have work to do before and after you flight. However, if you’re flying via private jet, you can work in flight efficiently and seamlessly. Since more aircraft are equipped with in-flight connectivity, you can schedule conference calls, online meetings, and so much more.

If you’re traveling with your team, you can request an aircraft with boardroom functionality so you and your team can spend the duration of the flight comfortably working together in the privacy of your own cabin.

interior of a private jet

 Benefit #5: Discover the Comfort & Lavish Luxury of a Private Cabin

If you’ve got a long flight ahead of you, or a short one, a private jet can come with some pretty amazing amenities to keep you luxuriously comfortable for the entire flight. Some of the more popular amenities include:

  • Master bedroom
  • Separate spaces
  • Full reclinable/berthable seats
  • A full-service galley kitchen
  • Bathroom with shower
  • State-of-the-art entertainment systems, and more

cheese platter and champagne inside private jet

Benefit #6: Enjoy Endless Dining Options

First-class fare can be delicious depending on which airline you choose to fly with, but it’s nothing compared to what you can enjoy on a private plane hire. You can choose to order anything you’d like. Craving Taco Bell thanks to your current pregnancy? It’ll be waiting for you on your aircraft. Prefer a fully customized charcuterie board with a bottle of Dom Perignon? You can also have that brought in for you. When you fly privately, the in-flight catering options are endless.

Benefit #7: Leave the Layovers to Commercial Flyers

Unless you’d like one, you can skip unnecessary layovers when you opt for a private plane hire. Since you’re in charge of your schedule, you get to say where your hired aircraft stops, and unless you need to make a stop at an airport along the way, there’s likely no reason for a layover of any kind.

woman sitting on private jet

Benefit #8: Choose Your Travel Companions

A private plane booking gives you the opportunity to choose who you travel with since you’ll be renting the entire aircraft. Aside from choosing the crew, it’s up to you who travels in the aircraft. It’s important to note that depending on the size of your aircraft, there may be limits on passenger capacity.

For example, an ultra long-range jet, like the Global Express 5000, can accommodate up to 19 passengers comfortably while a turboprop aircraft, like the Beechcraft King Air 200, can accommodate approximately six passengers.

are one of your favorite travel buddies covered in fur? Traveling via private jet is so much more convenient, especially for your pets. Instead of stowing them under the seat or in the cargo hold, your pet can rest comfortably on your lap or the seat beside you and wander around the cabin as it pleases while in-flight.

Benefit #9: Access Additional Travel Services

Are you looking for transportation arrangements to and from the airport or a car rental once you arrive at your destination? With a private plane hire from Stratos, you can access Trip Support, our in-house team available to help arrange additional concierge services to make your trip as smooth as possible. Trip Support can even help you book overnight accommodations, restaurant reservations and so much more. It’s just one more perk to look forward to when booking a private jet charter with Stratos.

If you’re wondering what you can expect after booking a private jet, our recent blog article dives into all those details and more: Private Jet Travel: What to Expect Why You Fly Private.


Now that you’ve read through all the amazing benefits that accompany private air travel, experience it yourself by booking a private jet charter today. At Stratos, we’ve spend nearly two decades mastering the art of aviation excellence. Reach out today for a free estimate!