Many travelers have recently found themselves in the position of questioning their travel plans.

With changing restrictions and airline delays becoming more prominent in the aviation industry, many savvy travelers are looking for different ways to improve their travel experiences. The option to step outside of the box and charter a plane appeals to many.

Charter Flight Meaning: What Exactly is a Charter Flight?

At its core, chartering a jet refers to an individual renting an entire aircraft for a private flight service. This type of transportation comes loaded with customizations and satisfaction. Create your itinerary, skip the hustle and bustle of the traditional airport terminal, and enjoy total privacy and relaxation in the sky.

Still not convinced? Here are five reasons why you might consider booking a charter flight, plus some other frequently asked questions to help you make your travel choice.

5 Reasons to Charter a Plane That Just Makes Sense

woman boarding private plane

Reason #1: Create a Custom Itinerary

One of the reasons why private travelers rarely return to commercial flights? The opportunity to create their own travel schedule.

Instead of browsing through different commercial airline departure schedules, you can choose when it makes the most sense to depart for you. You can even choose to depart from or land at a smaller, less busy airport, reducing ground travel time. When you fly privately, you’re not beholden to someone else’s schedule.

man on private jet

Reason #2: Boost Productivity

Business executives find so much value when they charter a plane. In fact, we highlighted all the reasons why private jets boost productivity in a previous blog: How Executives Can Be More Efficient with Their Time.

Besides holding meetings in a private boardroom within the cabin of your private jet and take confidential calls right from the aircraft, you can boost your productivity in other ways, like on the ground before your departure.

For example, you’ve flown into New York for a meeting. The meeting ran over, but the negotiations are going well until you realize your flight is scheduled to depart in less than two hours, and you still need to get across the city to the airport. Instead of negotiating a favourable deal, you must head to the airport. If you had been flying privately, you could have spent more time striking a deal and less time driving across the city and navigating a busy international airport.

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Reason #3: Charter a Plane and Stay Safe

Flying privately is one of the safest ways to travel. Accredited air charter providers must pass through rigorous safety standards and policies before charter flights can qualify for service.

Plus, flying privately and departing from private jet terminals (fixed base operators), reduces the number of people and surfaces you encounter before and after your flight. Not only does this make the travel experience efficient, but it also keeps you and your passengers safe from the transmission of viruses.

couple on private jet

Reason #4: Soak up Quality Time with Family

When you book a charter, you and your family enjoy the entire aircraft to yourselves, aside from the in-flight crew. This means you can fully relax, chat and enjoy time together during your flight that’s uninterrupted by other passengers.

Whether you choose to play cards or watch a movie together, chat about current events or fond memories, or just enjoy the comfortable silence together, flying privately gives families the freedom to enjoy each other’s company, not just at the destination, but during the trip there.

couple with pet on private jet

Reason #5: Pamper Your Pooch

Traveling with dogs on airplanes can be stressful when flying with a commercial airline. Besides stowing your furry pal under your seat or in the cargo hold during the flight, you also have to navigate them through crowded airports and busy parking lots.

A private jet makes the trip so much more convenient and comfortable—for both of you! Simply arrive the private jet terminal with your pet and board your jet with them. Once you’re in the sky, your furry friend can roam freely or snuggle up on your lap. It’s the best way to travel when your pets are in tow.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chartering a Plane

What is a charter flight?
When you book a charter flight, you’re essentially renting an entire aircraft for your trip. This allows you to set the itinerary, access private airports, and enjoy the comfort and peace only private jets can provide.

How much does a charter airplane cost?
This can vary depending on the length of the trip, the distance between departure and arrival locations, and the size of aircraft booked for charter. Charter costs typically begin around $2,000 an hour for a turboprop aircraft and go up to $12,000 an hour for heavy jet charters. You can find a more accurate estimate using our online cost estimator.

Are private jets safe?
Yes! As long as you book your charter with an accredited broker, your aircraft will be just as safe, if not safer, than a commercial flight. Private jet charters must meet rigorous safety standards before they can be approved for charter use.

Can I bring as many people as I want on the flight with me?
Yes, within certain guidelines. Private aircraft are rated to carry a certain number of passengers. If your guest list doesn’t exceed the maximum passenger requirements, you may bring whomever you’d like.

How much luggage can I bring on my private jet?
The weight of luggage you’re allowed to bring is based on the charter aircraft capacity. When you rent a private jet, your private flight advisor will let you know how much baggage space the aircraft has. Of course, if you plan on bringing big items, like sports gear or a surfboard, your flight advisor can make sure the aircraft you charter has enough storage space for your items.

What about my dog; can he come too?
One of the best reasons to charter a plane is to enjoy the company of your pets while you travel. Your furry travel buddies are welcome to roam freely around the cabin during the flight.

Charter a Plane with Stratos

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