In some cases, you may be able to transport weapons on your private jet charter. However, if you’ve got a weapon to transport, whether concealed or stowed away in your luggage, it’s important to understand the rules and regulations of flying with weapons.

Rules and Regulations for Weapons at Domestic FBOs 

The regulations that apply to carrying a concealed gun in an airport or FBO fall under two jurisdictions: federal and state. It’s important to determine which areas of the FBO fall under the jurisdiction of either one. Federally governed areas of the FBO are referred to as sterile areas and must adhere to the rules imposed by federal law. The TSA’s webpage Traveling with Firearms and Ammunition provide more details. 

Other areas of the FBO are governed by the state. This means that the rules and regulations surrounding weapons must be adhered to as required by the local state. Your air charter agent can help you identify these areas.

Weapons in the Domestic Skies

Weapons, namely guns and ammunition, are allowed to be transported domestically, if done so according to the rules and regulations imposed at each state. However, it’s entirely up to the discretion of the aircraft operator as to whether or not weapons are allowed on the hired aircraft. It’s also important to ensure you’re legally allowed to carry weapons at both the departure state and arrival state.

If approval is granted, passengers are expected to stow weapons legally. This means that the gun must be in the baggage compartment in a locked, hard-sided case. The ammunition must be stored separately. And if the baggage compartment is easily accessible inflight, the firearm must have trigger locks.

Weapons in the International Skies

When it comes to transporting weapons internationally, it’s best to reach out to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. They can help you find out which international destinations permit weapons and what you’ll need to do to transport your weapon there lawfully.

When traveling with firearms or weapons on a private jet charter, it’s best to disclose your intent with your air charter agent so that all the necessary preparations can be performed.