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Private Jet Charters: What to Expect on a Flight

The ultimate private jet service experience should make you feel relaxed, comfortable, and secure. And finding that level of quality in private jet charters doesn’t have to feel unattainable.

For nearly two decades, Stratos Jet Charters, Inc. has provided on-demand jet charter service around the globe. But what is it that sets us apart from the competition? What makes the flights we charter the safest and most satisfying in the jet charter industry?

Let’s take a closer look at what makes Stratos Jet Charters, Inc. stand out, and the type of service you can expect to receive on all of our flights.

The luxurious interior of a large private airplane.

What Can I Expect When I Charter Private Jets?

The first thing that you can expect on a private jet flight is convenience. Many people think that private jet flying is all about conspicuous luxury and showing off. However, the truth for the vast majority of private jet fliers is that they want to get to their destination as quickly and conveniently as possible.

How does chartering a private jet help to reach this goal? For one thing, it means cutting out all of the wait. You don’t have to go to a commercial terminal, wait for hours in security lines, wait more hours for a delayed flight, and then spend forever taxiing on the tarmac.

With a chartered private jet, you will arrive at your plane (and we can arrange transportation to take you directly there, too) and you can board and be ready for takeoff in minutes. And, because most private airports do not have the same volume of traffic as commercial airports, there is less time waiting for takeoff and a shorter total trip from start to finish.

While you’re in the air you can expect the epitome of safety from your crew and surroundings. At Stratos Jet Charters, Inc., we contract with only the best air carriers to provide the best levels of cleanliness and the highest levels of precaution and security.

For example, all of the flights we charter mandate a crew of two highly trained and experienced pilots in the cockpit, even if the FAA says they only need one. This is a step that Stratos Jet Charters, Inc arranges to make sure that your private jet charter is as safe as possible.

And, of course, we want your flight to be as short and easy as possible, so we use modern aircraft with advanced avionics that can fly around bad weather conditions without trouble. You’ll be landing soon and, whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, your flight is one thing you won’t need to worry about.

What Does It Feel Like to Fly On a Private Jet?

We know that you’re flying on a private jet for the sake of both convenience and anonymity. However, we also recognize that you want an exceptional experience. We are here to deliver that to you.

Our client services team can arrange a broad menu of catering options for your in-flight experience — whatever you want, whenever you want it.

Flying on a private jet charter, in general, often leads to less turbulence than flying on a commercial airline. This is because private jets tend to fly at altitudes higher than commercial aviation, above the storms. Private jets are more easily able to get around the storms because there is less flight traffic at that altitude.

And, of course, the jets themselves are made to be as comfortable as possible, with as many amenities as you’re looking for in terms of accommodations and entertainment.

A business jet parked and waiting for passengers to board.

How Far Can You Go On a Private Jet?

This depends a great deal on which private jet you’re flying on. In this article, we’ve broken down the ranges of each class of private jet that Stratos charters.

Generally speaking, the turboprop and light jets we charter can travel between 1,300 and 2,000 nautical miles, though we generally recommend turboprops for less than 800 miles and light jets for less than 1,300. Longer trips require an aircraft with a longer range, as it’s not advisable to fly to max range and land with no fuel.

Midsize jets will travel nearly 3,000 miles, and large private jets can handle distances upwards of 5,000 miles in the best cases.

So whether you want to fly from New York City to Washington DC, or from Seattle to Miami, or from Boston to Dubai, there is a private jet that can get you there. And our team will help you select the right aircraft for your mission.

Can You Go Anywhere On a Private Jet?

Private aircraft from the United States can go anywhere that a commercial jet from the United States can go and more. As long as the private jet is adhering to FAA regulations and international treaties, the plane can land in any country allowed.

Passengers will be required to bring a passport with them, even though they won’t be going through customs at a commercial airport. Instead, passengers will go through a private customs facility.

How Much Does it Cost to Charter a Private Jet?

The cost of chartering a private jet depends on many factors. The type of aircraft, the amount of time and distance traveled, amenities, seasonality, and many other factors play a role. There’s not a single set of costs that apply to all private jet charter travel.

That said, we offer a helpful Private Jet Chater Cost Estimator. This tool draws on our deep collection of data to help you understand the price of chartering a private jet. You can generate tailored estimates that take your needs into account. You’ll find a cost range along with a charter jet recommendation based on the specifics of your planned trip, as well as price estimates for other types of jets.

This page is also the best place to learn about the general cost of chartering private jets. You’ll find estimated hourly rates, maximum ranges, and seating information for all available aircraft types.

For example, a turboprop jet can seat eight passengers, cover a range of 1,088-3,775 mi, and has an estimated hourly rate of $4,000-$4,900. Want to see key information for all other categories? Visit the Private Jet Charter Cost Estimator using the link above.

A fine meal being served on a private jet.

How Does a Private Jet Compare to a Commercial Airline in Terms of Customer Service?

Much, much better. When you’re on the ground, you can call and talk to our customer service representatives at any time to arrange everything from food, flowers, and car service. You will always be able to get through – without having to wait on hold with a commercial airline for more than an hour. The ability to talk to someone who can help you, when you need help, is one of the biggest advantages of private aviation.

During air travel, few private jets have flight attendants, except for larger private jets like the BBJ and ACJ which may have one, two, or three depending on the size and the air carrier. The flight attendants’ first duty is to ensure the safety of all passengers. But they are also there to help you with any food or beverage needs that you have while flying, to make sure that you’re comfortable in the cabin, and to attend to your every need.

Business People talking and laughing aboard a private jet.

Do You Have to Stay Seated on a Private Jet?

There will be times when the captain asks you to return to your seats on a private plane, but one of the benefits of flying in a private jet is the ability to move around the cabin. This is important if you’re on a business trip and moving from your chair to a conference table, or even to a sleeping area (which are available in some large jets).

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Choosing the Right Private Jet Company: Which is Best?

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