There are a lot of private jet safety things that you want to keep in mind when flying private air charter, and Stratos Jet Charters leads the way in private jet safety ratings. For example, we insist that all of our air carriers use two pilots no matter how short the flight, how experienced the pilot, or how good the weather.

And private jet safety statistics are very good. Private jet safety issues, as a whole, are uncommonly rare.

But what about safety when it comes to passenger activities? What are the differences in private jet vs commercial airline safety procedures?

You Have to Wear Your Seatbelt

Seatbelts on flights, whether commercial flights or private aviation, are mandated by the requirements of the FAA. So wearing seatbelts at takeoff and landing of a private plane is a must. In fact all standard FAA regulations and safety standards are just as much in effect for private aircraft operators as they are for commercial.

This means that everything you typically see in a pre-flight safety briefing on a commercial plane, regarding seat belts, breathing masks, and exit doors, are all in effect on business aviation when you charter a private jet.

That said, you are much free to move about the cabin after takeoff. In many cases, there are no flight attendants on smaller planes, so passengers will police themselves in this regard.

You Can Use Electronics On a Private Plane

You can use your electronics on a private plane, including tablets, phones, and laptops. You must still put your phone into airplane mode, but on nearly all standard business aircraft there is WiFi available–something that is either an expensive add-on or notoriously spotty on commercial aircraft.

You Get Screened By Security–It’s Just Easier

Getting on a private jet, you still need to be screened by security, but there’s rarely a TSA agent. The general rule is that you get pre-screened by the TSA’s No Fly List, and then once you’ve been pre-screened, you’re good to fly anytime! So the flights are still safe, but there’s no more waiting in those long and invasive lines.

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