Chartering a private jet is an experience that is wholly different from taking a commercial airliner. Luxury private jets, whether you’re taking them for business or pleasure, for a short trip or a transoceanic vacation, are an experience unto themselves. So what’s it like to fly in a private jet?

Booking a Private Jet

Booking a private jet is a different kind of experience than just getting on Expedia or Travelocity and looking for deals. When you fly with Stratos Jet Charters, you will initially book by phone with a personalized Flight Advisor, but from that point on you can book your trips entirely by an app on your phone.

Booking flights can be done two months in advance or can be done just days in advance. Some of our rave reviews include stories of a flier being stuck somewhere and they book a flight with Stratos and they’re wheels up in less than a day, sometimes as short as four hours.

We can’t guarantee that, because in every case we are working with air carriers for our charters and we have to work with the planes and pilots available, but we can definitely say that we have had many, many happy customers.

Private Jet Services

Most people think that flying in a private jet is all about luxury, and there’s no doubt whatsoever that luxury plays a major role in the private plane experience. But the main reasons that people choose private aviation and private jet companies are privacy, convenience, and speed.

When you fly by private jet you are not going through an airport. You don’t have to stand in a ticket line amongst a sea of hundreds of other tired and annoyed passengers. You also don’t have to wait in interminable security lines, take off your belt, shoes and jacket, empty your pockets, and hopefully not get frisked.

And, perhaps most importantly, you don’t have to do all of this two to three hours before your flight time, where you’ll be stuck in uncomfortable airport chairs, bored and frustrated.

Jet charter companies make all of that easier. Even on light jets–not to mention midsize or large jets–there are significant benefits in all of these areas.

You will be driven right to your plane. We can arrange the ground transportation to take you directly to the hangar. No need for lines and long walks through airports. You’ll be greeted warmly by the plane’s staff who know that you are their top priority for this flight.

And you’ll be off the ground, and back on the ground, faster than any commercial airline can take care of you.

Empty Seats on Private Jets

Of course, there are other ways to fly on private jets, such as empty leg flights. These empty leg charters are special trips where a plane has been contracted to go to one city, then has no passengers before it is contracted to pick up someone in another city. The price tag on these empty leg flights–the flights you take in-between charter flights–can save you a lot of money.

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