We were created to provide an air charter service that educates our clients and helps them understand the cost of private jet travel, and to make informed buying decisions. Serving our clients as their educational resource, providing fair pricing, honest advice and continually representing their best interest is how we build long-term relationships.

Our vision is our purpose and it is why we exist. It is literally the lifeblood of Stratos Jets.

The air charter marketplace is hyper-competitive. With countless alternatives only a click away, we know that we’ll never have a price advantage on the cost of private jet travel.

Our competitive battleground is the customer experience. It is why our focus has been and will always be to develop a strong culture, oriented around education and delivering a superior costumer experience that can’t be copied. Our job is not to sell an air charter service, but to fulfill our vision with every interaction. The key to fulfilling our vision is to SERVE.

Everyday, we take this message to the marketplace and we strive to make our vision become a reality. Our clients are continually assessing our knowledge base and our value potential. Every conversation we have brings with it the opportunity and the responsibility to provide value through the fulfillment of our vision. The greater value we provide, the more clients we will serve.

This approach towards doing business has guided our company to achieve prominence as a leader in the air charter industry and has afforded us the recognition of the most reputable of our industry peers. In 2010, Stratos was invited to join the Air Charter Association of North America (ACANA), an industry ethics, best practices and professionalism organization. Stratos has been given the honor to serve ACANA’s membership by being nominated and elected to serve multiple terms on its board. We have voluntarily opened our books and business practices to Aviation Research Group (ARGUS), to Dunn and Brad Street and we invite our clients to anonymously give feedback to the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

To fulfill our vision, Stratos has invested heavily in infrastructure, including key personnel and technology, that allow us to consistently deliver the greatest customer experience each time our clients book a private flight.

We look forward to demonstrating how you can SOAR HIGHER with Stratos Jet Charters.

Joel A. Thomas 

President and CEO 
Stratos Jet Charters, Inc.