When you fly by private jet charter, you experience travel comfort known only to those who know private jets. And nothing illustrates this luxury better than celebrity private jets.

Stars with their own private aircraft fly in ultimate style and luxury, setting the bar high for air travel . Let’s take a look at their high-flying rides, and you’ll see why air charter services by Stratos Jet Charters, Inc. are the perfect choice for those who desire the same level of lavishness and personalization for their own flights.

Celebrities With Private Jets

There are many celebrities around the world who have purchased one or more private jets. Take a look at this celebrity private jet list, packed with some of the most notorious celebs and their personal aircraft.

1. John Travolta

Private Jets: 3 Gulfstream jets, 1 Boeing 727, 1  Bombardier Challenger 601, 1 Eclipse 500, and 1 Dassault Falcon 900

John Travolta, the star of 70s cult movies like “Grease” and “Saturday Night Fever,” is not only one of the most famous Hollywood actors but also one of the most notorious celebrity pilots.


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John Travolta is a bona fide aviation enthusiast with seven private planes total. He even has room to park a couple of these jets right outside his home. His most impressive aircraft was a customized Boeing 707-138, a beast of a plane that he acquired in 1998 upon his promotion to an honorary pilot of Qantas, the Australian airline. This legendary plane was entrusted to Australia’s Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS) in 2017.

2. Oprah Winfrey

Private Jet: Gulfstream G650 ($75 Million)

Does Oprah have a private jet? Yes! She stands out by owning one of the latest and most expensive business jets on the market: a Gulfstream G650 valued at around $75 million. This long-range aircraft boasts ample space for up to 16 passengers and currently reigns as one of the nicest private jets in the market.

Oprah’s journey with Gulfstream began in 2013 when she traded her Bombardier Global Express for a G550. But in 2016, she upgraded to the even more impressive G650, showcasing her preference for the top-of-the-line in aviation luxury.

3. Donald Trump

Private Jet: Boeing  757 ($100 Million)

Gone are the days of standard celebrity planes for Donald Trump. Since 2011, the former US president has been flying aboard his luxurious Boeing 757, called “Trump Force One.”

The 23-carat gold leaf Trump logo on the side of the business mogul’s Boeing 727 is a testament to the aircraft’s luxury. Donald Trump has owned his luxury business jet for more than 20 years, and Boeing is still one of the most popular celebrity private jets in the world.

Trump requested major renovations before purchasing the 155-foot jet from Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen. He added leather armchairs, personal high-tech TVs, Waterford crystal lamps, and gold-plated seatbelt buckles. The jet also features full travel accommodations, including a master bedroom, a guest bedroom, a dining room, a lounge, and a VIP conference room. Up to 43 passengers can fly comfortably in the lap of Trump-style luxury.

4. Tom Cruise

Private Jet: Gulfstream IV G4 ($20 Million)

Tom Cruise played an elite naval fighter jet pilot in the blockbuster movie “Top Gun”, and he now indulges his real love for flying in his own Gulfstream IV, one of the finest celebrity private jets around.

Cruise’s beautiful business jet accommodates up to 19 passengers, providing comfort and class with state-of-the-art furnishings and aircraft technology. The jet even automatically refreshes the air inside the cabin every two minutes.

Designed by Gulfstream Aerospace, Cruise’s jet is powered by two Rolls-Royce Tay 611-8 engines, propelling the aircraft to a maximum altitude of 41,000 feet over a maximum range of 7,100 km, zipping through the air at speeds up to Mach 0.80.

5. Jim Carrey

Private Jet: Gulfstream V ($59 Million)

Known for its safety features, the Gulfstream V is one of the most respected jets in the world, letting funny man Jim Carrey stay safe in serious comfort. Better yet, the star of comedy hits like “Dumb and Dumber” and “The Mask” has made his luxury private jet available to individuals for private jet charter.

Interested travelers can enjoy a 16-passenger plane that boasts impressively long range and nears the speed of sound while cruising up to 51,000 feet in the skies. Find out what a celebrity private jet is really like!

6. Jackie Chan

Private Jet: Embraer Legacy 650 & 500 ($30 Million)

Jackie Chan, the legendary martial artist and actor, recently purchased a brand new Embraer Legacy 650 for its quiet, roomy cabins and its air of luxury. As a top executive jet, the aircraft is divided into three different areas. There is one distinct cabin for each major activity in his executive life: work, play, and rest. Chan’s Legacy also features Wi-Fi and a custom-painted dragon on the exterior, making it one of the most recognizable celebrity private jets.

In 2016, he became the first customer based in China to receive the Embraer Legacy 500, adding to his existing fleet of private jets.

7. Jay-Z

Private Jet: Bombardier Challenger 850 Learjet ($40 Million)

Beyonce gave her music mogul hubby the gift of a lifetime — his own Bombardier Challenger 850 Learjet, tricked out with all the good stuff.


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Jay-Z and his wife fly in a complete home for the skies. The jet features a gorgeous living room with cream leather furniture, a master bedroom, two bathrooms, and a kitchen. When you go with the king and queen of hip-hop, you go big.

8. Taylor Swift

Private Jet: 2 Dassault Falcons ($40 Million)

Taylor Swift, the musical mastermind who reigns over charts and hearts, also commands the skies with her own two Dassault private jets. Among her private celebrity jets is the Dassault Falcon 900LX. This isn’t just any Falcon 900; it’s the most advanced variant, tailor-made for comfort and efficiency.

The Falcon 900LX can accommodate 12 to 14 passengers in a spacious cabin, making it ideal for touring with bandmates and crew. With a range of up to 4,750 nautical miles, it can whisk Swift across continents with ease.

9. Mark Cuban

Private Jet: 1 Gulfstream G550 and 1 Boeing 757-200

Mark Cuban, business mogul and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, landed himself in the Guinness Book of World Records for purchasing his  Gulfstream G550 online in 1999, making “the largest single e-commerce transaction”. Cuban modified the jet with large, custom seats to give his team’s lengthy players plenty of room while flying.

10. Bill Gates

Private Jet: 2 Bombardier Challenger 350s and 2 Gulfstream G650ERs

Microsoft co-founder and chairman Bill Gates owned one of the most luxurious aircraft in the world, a Bombardier BD-700 Global Express. The Global 5000 can travel at the speed of sound (Mach 1) up to 9,300 km non-stop. Cutting-edge avionics technology called Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion limits errors and enhances performance to provide precision navigation for incredibly efficient flights.

These days, even though he’s all about climate action, Bill Gates’ “guilty pleasure” is valued at $200 million with his collection of four private jets. Not only does he have his own fleet, but he’s also heavily involved in the industry, managing a private aviation company and investing billions in the world’s largest business jet service provider.

More Celebs With Private Jets

When it comes to celebs and their jets, we get asked a lot of questions. Here are some of the most popular questions, along with our answers.

Which celebrity has the most private jets?

It’s tough to say at any given time but a few notable celebs and their number of private jets include:

  • Bill Gates with four private jets
  • John Travolta owns seven private jets

What celebrity has the most expensive jet?

Drake takes the cake. His Boeing 767 could purchase not just one, but two small island resorts. With a base price of $185 million, this incredible jet is accompanied by custom interiors worth a mind-boggling $80 to $100 million. It’s a true marvel in the sky, demonstrating Drake’s unwavering commitment to living life on his own terms, with no expenses spared.

What private jet company do celebrities use?

Trans-Exec Air Service.

Does Kylie Jenner own her private jet?

Kylie Jenner purchased a Global Express for $73 million and nicknamed it ‘Kylie Air.’ The fully customized jet features pink paint and interior lighting, beige seats bearing her initials, and much more.

Does Kim Kardashian own a private jet?

Kim Kardashian purchased a Gulfstream G650ER for $95 million and spent close to $60 million on renovations and upgrades. She lovingly refers to her purchase as ‘Kim Air,’ and takes to the skies whenever she wants.


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Does Ariana Grande have a private jet?

It’s unknown if Ariana Grande owns her own private jet, but she certainly charters private jets when she needs to get around. With an estimated net worth of $150 million, she can easily afford it.

Does Justin Bieber own a jet?

In 2014, Justin Bieber treated himself to a Gulfstream G600 for $60 million. Since then he and his wife have enjoyed the convenience of hitting the skies whenever the mood strikes.

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