Westwind Jet Commander - Private Jet CharterThe latest Westwind Jet Commander was first developed by Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) in the 1980s, and went on to become a cornerstone of Israel’s entire aircraft manufacturing industry. Over the decades, this high-performance mid-sized business jet has undergone numerous improvements that offer a sophisticated experience for any private jet charter traveler.

The Westwind’s design is rooted in the American Aero Commander Model 1121 Jet Commander, which was developed by Ted Smith, and first flew in the 1960s. Israel Aircraft Industries purchased the Jet Commander line, including production and sales rights, and went on to refine the aircraft for modern luxury flights.

Luxury Accommodations on the Westwind Jet

In its standard executive seating configuration, the Westwind Jet comfortably accommodates six passengers and two crew members, with the option of custom arrangement for two additional passengers, if desired. A compact (4.9 feet tall), yet spacious cabin offers business executives quiet, high-class travel with ample leg-room. The Westwind also features a full-width bathroom, an elegant refreshment area, baggage compartments that support nearly 1,000 pounds, and a low door for easy patient loading.

Westwind Jet Performance

The Westwind business jet is the only light jet that can fly across the continental United States or the Atlantic Ocean without stopping to refuel. It’s powered by two 3,700-pound Honeywell TFE731-3-1G turbofan engines, and cruises at a swift 490 mph, reaching up to 2300 nm without a fuel stop. Perfect for medium-range flights, you can hop on-board in New York and fly to Miami, or pick up a flight in Atlanta and head to Boston – both without interruption.

Unlike its less advanced predecessors, the Westwind Jet has a low-slung, longer fuselage, which boosts performance due to greater operating weights and enhanced “hot-and high” capabilities. The newer model was also improved with auxiliary wingtip fuel tanks, two additional cabin windows, and modified wing leading edges.

Westwind Jet Safety Features

High-tech avionics technology gives pilots of the Westwind some of the most effective safety tools available today. These enhancements include strengthened landing gear, exceptionally easy flight controls, and increased fuel capacity. The jet consumes only 225 gallons per hour, making it one of the most efficient aircraft available for private jet charter.

The Westwind Jet Commander from Israel Aircraft Industries is an ideal private jet charter choice for today’s traveling business executive. Call us today at (888) 593-9066 for a quote on your next flight and to learn more about Westwind jets, as well as the many other cutting-edge models that we have available for your travel needs. With access to over 7,000 aircraft worldwide, Stratos Jet Charters will always have the perfect aircraft for your travel itinerary, and always at the best available pricing.