When booking travel by plane, you have plenty of options. You can fly with a commercial airline, or you can consider booking a private jet. And sometimes, you can even share the space on a private plane. But this option comes with quite a few challenges and risks along the way.

Shared private flights might seem convenient and cost-effective at first glance, but they may not be worth it in the grand scheme of things.

Let’s take a closer look at the potential pitfalls of shared charter flights. Then, we’ll share our suggestions for alternative options for air travel.

Understanding Shared Flights

Similarly to a commercial flight, sharing a private flight includes people who you may not already know. The idea is to gain the comfort and convenience that comes with the experience of flying a private jet. The difference is sharing the space with a group of individuals who may be headed to the same destination as you.

Think of a private plane share as a more deluxe version of ride-sharing. You get on a private plane with another person or group of individuals heading to an identical location. Crucially, every passenger splits the cost of travel.

Shared private jet flights are put together by a flight operator or broker. This person takes care of the booking and managing of the flight to ensure each traveler’s needs are met. Brokers and operators strive to make passengers feel comfortable and confident traveling to a shared destination.

The perceived benefit here is that:

  • You can gain the luxurious experience that comes with flying privately.
  • You get to split the costs of the charter with the other passengers.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that shared travel plans will be cheaper than flying on a private jet. Depending on the specifics, that can be true both individually and with your own group.

There are too many variables, from the type of aircraft to the origin and destination, to say that all shared private jet flights are less expensive than all truly private charter jet flights.

6 Reasons to Avoid Shared Flights

Private jet seat sharing can sound like a simple way to get to your destination while avoiding commercial airlines.  However, in many ways, it can take away from the private jet experience altogether.

Are you thinking about private jet seat sharing, but still on the fence about it?  Here are some of the reasons why you might decide to avoid shared private jet flights:

1. Lack of privacy

Above all, the perk you’ll lose out on the most by traveling on a shared flight is privacy. If you’re going to share a jet, you’re going to lose out on the biggest advantage of this travel experience.

You may want to relax in seclusion for a few hours before you arrive at your destination. Or, you may need to work on a sensitive project or negotiation while in the air. Private charter flights give you those options, but shared private jet flights may not.

2. Limitation on the number of people you can travel with

If you’re planning to join a shared private jet charter flight, there are limitations. The number of people you can personally bring or travel with en route to your destination may be capped.

Private jet seat sharing may be a better option for someone who is traveling solely alone. If you don’t mind sharing with a large group of people in a more private setting, it can be worth considering. For someone who wants to travel with colleagues for business, however, a traditional private flight option may be better.

3. Tight-schedule travel

Depending on your desired departure and arrival times, private jet sharing can be more of a hassle than it is a convenience.

When you book a private air charter, you have more flexibility in your arrival and departure times. Booking shared private jet flights could have an impact on your ability to choose the time and date of your travel plans.

A private jet passenger makes a phone call while in the air.

4. Commercial-flight similarity

Private jet seat sharing, in some ways, may be too comparable to commercial flight travel. You may be seated in a more intimate setting. However, you’ll still be sharing the space with others you don’t know.

This may not be the best option for a family looking for privacy, for example. A group of colleagues who want to work together on a confidential business plan may be better served avoiding a private plane share as well.

5. Limitations on what you can bring on the flight

When more individuals are flying on a private jet, this limits the amount of luggage each person can carry.

If you plan to travel via shared private plane for a move, for example, you may not have the space to travel with all of your belongings.

If you’re traveling to a seasonal residence, you may not be able to bring along everything you want, either. If your travel plans include a significant amount of luggage, a private charter flight may be a better option.

6. Shared amenities

One of the many perks of private jet travel is the amenities. In many cases, you get to choose the luxuries that come with your time on the flight.

If you’re sharing the room, however, you may have different preferences from the other passengers. That can have an impact on your overall experience. For a truly personalized experience, a private charter jet flight is your best option.

Shared and Semi-Private Flights FAQs

What is a semi-private flight?

Shared and semi-private flights are synonymous. Just like commercial airlines, these types of flights are inflexible and will see you share the aircraft with others outside of your immediate group.

So, can you buy a seat on a private jet? You can, but for privacy concerns and flight limitations, we don’t recommend semi-private jet flights.

How much does a semi-private flight cost?

As we only charter entire aircraft, we can’t give a direct answer. However, cheap semi-private flights can fall somewhere between the cost of a first-class ticket on a scheduled airline and a traditional jet charter. It can actually be more affordable to charter an entire jet with people that you know and split the cost.

What is the cheapest way to fly private?

Semi-private charter flights are not necessarily the cheapest form of private aviation. If you have a flexible schedule, booking an empty-leg flight can give you the best value for your money.

These flights happen when an operator needs to relocate an aircraft for charter, such as returning to home base after a one-way flight. To offset the cost of flying without any passengers, many air carriers offer discounts as high as 75 percent.

And, just like a traditional jet charter, the only passengers onboard are those that you invite.

Can you fly private without a membership?

Flying private without a membership is not only possible but also the most affordable way to charter an entire aircraft.

Private jet membership comes with benefits for fliers who spend a considerable amount of time in the sky, but most private fliers are better off with on-demand charters. Simply book a flight with as little as four hours’ notice and pay-as-you-go with no upfront costs or yearly commitments.

The Alternative Option to Shared Private Jet Flights

In summary, traveling via shared private jet flight might seem like the best option to save money. However, you may not get the same experience you were expecting on a private jet.

If you’re looking for an alternative option to shared private flights, we recommend booking the plane for yourself (and your family members, friends, or colleagues). That way, you can enjoy your flight, relax, and experience the true serenity of flying privately.

If you’re worried about booking a private flight on your own and you’re not sure where to get started, Stratos Jet Charters, Inc. can help. With nearly two decades in the private airline industry, we prioritize the customer experience.

We make the entire process simple and straightforward. That’s true from the moment you get on the phone with one of our agents to book the flight until we land at your destination and hand you off to ground transportation.

At Stratos, we know a thing or two about charter operations. We don’t own or operate any aircraft, but we consider this our competitive advantage. This allows us to focus on managing your trip.

Additionally, and crucially, it means we can recommend the appropriate aircraft and air carrier every time while avoiding conflicts of interest. When you charter a private jet flight with us, you can find the right option for comfort, cost, and travel schedule.

Our private jet charter service is designed to give you everything you want out of private jet travel: convenience, serenity, professionalism, and satisfaction. With this mentality and approach, we enable all of our customers to soar higher.

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