In addition to all five devices and his or her favorite sneakers, there’s something else you should be packing if you’re solo parenting with kids on private planes: a parental consent form. Unfortunately, it’s becoming more common for children to get abducted in custody cases and as victims of child trafficking. For that reason, immigration officials as well as airline and travel personnel could ask for a letter of consent when a child is travelling abroad with only one parent or guardian. At Stratos, regardless if the flight is international, we require children traveling with only one parent to carry a parental consent form on private planes we charter to help ensure their safety and well-being.

Here are some important details to remember:

  • For Stratos, a child or a minor is defined as anyone under the age of 18.
  • Minors should also carry a consent letter if they are traveling with friends, grandparents or other relatives and the minor’s parents won’t be on the flight.
  • Consent letters aren’t a legal requirement, but Stratos wants to ensure the children who travel on the private planes we charter are safe.
  • If the child is traveling abroad, it might be best to have your child’s parental consent letter signed by every non-traveling person with the legal right to make decisions for the child, including anyone with custody rights or guardianship rights.

Parental consent form for traveling private planes only one parent Four steps to peace of mind and smooth traveling when children are flying with only one parent or with family:

1. Download our Parental Consent Form. 2. Fill out the form and be sure to get the signature or seal of a notary public. 3. Email your form to [email protected] or fax it to 1.888.488.6599. 4. Since you’ll be able to present this same form to immigration officials if you’re traveling abroad, bring the hard copy with you in a plastic sheet for protection. Whether it’s a long-awaited visit with grandma or a trip to see the big game, be sure to prepare your parental consent form well in advance so there’s no surprises on the tarmac. Are you comparing quotes on private planes for your family’s next trip? Expand your margin of safety and the likelihood you’ll all arrive safely by choosing Stratos. Read our post Why Not to Book on Price Alone. Stratos Jet Charters helps passengers of all sizes travel in safety and luxury, even with as little as four hour’s notice. Call one of our agents to book your family’s flight:(888) 593-9066 (toll free) or request a quote online. Feature photo courtesy Scout.