Why Use A Jet Charter Broker?

March 9, 2009 – Orlando, FL

We are sometimes asked by customers and clients “Why use a broker when I can find an owner or operator on my own”? The reasons are really quite simple.

Air charter brokers have an expert knowledge of the jet charter industry. Stratos Jet Charters has developed proprietary software and research techniques that allow our jet charter brokers to quickly identify all of the aircrafts that are relevant to a given itinerary. By understanding flight patterns and aircraft routing trends, air charter brokers can take advantage of transient aircrafts that may be in the area or aircrafts that may be traveling empty.

When dealing with individual operators you have very limited aircraft availability, as that operator is limited to just the aircrafts in their fleet. In contrast, a charter broker typically has access to a virtually unlimited number of available aircraft and travel options. This enables Stratos to provide the appropriate aircraft; turboprop or jet (light, mid or heavy) for every flight.

Because of extensive relationships with owners and operators around the country, a broker can use their buying power to assist you no matter where you are. At Stratos, we provide you with not only the best available option, but at the best price too.

Finally, your broker has an intimate knowledge of each aircraft operator’s maintenance standards and can provide representation, and more importantly – solutions, for you during your trip if the aircraft has a mechanical or if things do happen to go wrong, so you and your passengers won’t be left stranded.

All in all, working with a jet charter broker, such as Stratos, is the safest and most efficient way to book your next private flight, for business or pleasure.

For more information, call Stratos Jet Charters and find out more about how we can help you find the solutions to your next charter.

Please allow Stratos the opportunity to assist you in arranging your next flight.

Joel A. Thomas

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