Safety First

Sometimes you read a news article and it really makes you realize what is truly important.

And it’s never the day-to-day issues or small inconveniences that most of us worry about every day. Such was the case last Sunday, April 12.

Like me, you may have seen or read the story about the charter passenger who landed a twin-engine plane at SW Florida International Airport after the pilot died of a sudden heart attack, saving four lives in the process. Against all odds, that passenger actually had some previous flight experience, although not with a plane of that type or size.

It’s every traveler’s worst nightmare, a catastrophic problem with either the plane itself or the pilot flying it.

In many ways, the situation described in that news story is worse than a problem with the aircraft itself. At least in those situations, you (hopefully!) have a professional with years of flying experience trying to solve the problem. This is best illustrated in another recent news story, the emergency landing of a critically damaged commercial jet in the Hudson River, in which only one passenger out of 150 received a significant injury! (The actions of that heroic pilot, and that outcome, were almost miraculous.)

The point is, when you travel “for business, for pleasure, for any reason” your primary concern is getting to your destination safely. Itineraries and schedules and a myriad of other concerns can take a back seat in a HURRY to your safety and that of your family or other companions.

Which is why you should always insist upon the ARGUS mandated two pilot system.

When you charter a flight with Stratos Jets, you can be assured that your flight will have two of the most qualified and experienced pilots available; verified and approved by ARGUS or Wyvern. Although not always a mandate for a legal FAA charter, this IS a requirement for every charter arranged by Stratos Jets.

(Of course, illegal charters also can’t provide passengers with any insurance coverage, and don’t have the strict maintenance requirements of legal charters. But that’s a topic for another day!)

Of course we wish that every emergency could be avoided in the first place. But while we may not know what life will throw our way, being well prepared is always the best defense, which is why Stratos Jets takes every possible precaution to ensure your safety.

For more information, give us a call or visit, to find out more about the safety protocols in place here at Stratos Jet Charters. We look forward to the opportunity to assist you in arranging your next flight.

Joel A. Thomas, Owner – Stratos Jet Charters

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