Executive Jet Charter

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An executive jet charter is any aircraft chartered for the purpose of transporting business executives. Typically, the aircraft chartered are midsize jets capable of seating anywhere from six to eight passengers. However, depending on the intended use, they can also include:

  • Turboprops
  • Light jets
  • Super-midsize jets
  • Heavy jets

The type of executive jet charter required by a company can vary greatly. CEOs and other high-profile personnel might prefer a larger aircraft with business technologies and private boardrooms needed to conduct meetings on the go. On the other hand, businesses that operate in remote locations might require a corporate jet capable of flying into smaller airports.

Choosing a Corporate Jet Based on the Mission

Aside from the number of passengers and in-cabin amenities, range also plays an important role in choosing an executive jet charter. For example, if a group of executives needs to fly from Los Angeles to Tokyo to close a deal, they’ll need an aircraft with the range to complete the mission. This would likely be a long-range heavy jet like a Bombardier Global Express charter jet.

Compared to commercial air travel, corporate jet travel offers several distinct advantages:

  • Schedule charter flights to work with your timetable
  • Fly in the privacy of your own cabin
  • Access to state-of-the-art business and entertainment amenities
  • Wider choice of available airports
  • Less waiting around airports

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