Depending on your flight duration and aircraft amenities (i.e. galley), you can choose from a range of inflight catering options. The Stratos Jets Trip Support team will be happy to help you select meal options from our inflight catering menu. If you have specific dietary requests—such as religious observances or vegetarian options—we will make the necessary arrangements.

A light snack or a four-course meal?

At Stratos Jets, our private aviation catering menu can accommodate a wide variety of tastes, food preferences, allergies, and dietary restrictions. We can even accommodate the type of meal you’d like – whether that be a small snack to stave off the munchies or a full four-course meal that’ll ensure you reach your destination well fed and happy. We’re also able to provide these catering options on any sized aircraft – from a jumbo jet with an entire team on board to a small turboprop with just a single passenger. Our caterers are highly recommended, so we know your meal will be of the highest quality.

Air Fare Examples

Here is just a sampling of some of the menu items our private aviation catering team can prepare for your flight:


Continental breakfast tray – bagels, croissants, danishes, scones, and more! Eggs – any way you like them Cereals – any kind served with fruit, milk, or yogurt


Cheese and cracker platter – A wide variety of fresh cheeses served with crackers and flatbread Chips and salsa – a snacker’s favorite choice Sushi platter – sushi and sashimi of any variety


Pasta – pair any noodle with your favorite pasta sauce Beef – from flank steak to fillet mignon Chicken – As simple as chicken fajitas to chicken cordon bleu