The amount of luggage you can bring on a private jet flight depends on the type of aircraft you are chartering, and the type of luggage.

Stratos Jet Charters can book a private jet flight on anything from a 5-seat turbo-prop to a 525-seat airliner. Obviously, with such a range of aircraft sizes, choosing a luggage capacity depends on a variety of factors.

Each aircraft has a different luggage allowance, even within the same aircraft class.

Most luggage-capacity calculations are based on one suitcase and one carry-on item per passenger. But Stratos prides itself on customized travel solutions. If, for example, you are taking your associates on a golfing holiday, or taking your family skiing, our agents can find an aircraft with the luggage capacity for all your gear.

There is no “rule of thumb,” but here is an example of our aircraft capacity:

An Embraer Phenom 300 light jet has 84 cubic feet of storage. This would allow 6 passengers to each bring a set of golf clubs, a roll-on suitcase, a garment bag, and a small bag. Perfect for a golf getaway!  

You can find more examples at our blog entry, “Private Jets with the Most Luggage Space”.

The best way to get information about additional luggage room for a ski or golf holiday is to ask one of our friendly charter agents.