Stratos Jets strives to provide the widest safety margin possible for our clients. Since our company started more than 10 years ago, we have maintained an exemplary safety record. We take a proactive approach to air charter safety.

It begins with our in-house due-diligence program, known as the Approved Vendor Program.

The Stratos Jets Approved Vendor Program

All Stratos Approved air charter operators must demonstrate an ongoing commitment to air charter safety. They are required to be free of accidents involving serious injury to passengers, and must have NO major FAA enforcement actions taken against them; each for a minimum of five years.

Furthermore, the Stratos Approved Vendor Program ensures that each aircraft operator is in compliance with Part 135 of the Federal Aviation Regulations, which govern private air charter safety.

This Part 135 Certificate spells out the specific maintenance requirements, pilot experience and appropriate level of insurance to be carried by the operator. Charter carriers must also have the financial stability that allows them to focus on aircraft maintenance and the safe execution of each charter flight that they fly.

Additionally, we supplement our Approved Vendor program with a pair of leading third-party business aviation safety auditing firms: ARGUS and Wyvern.

Hiring a third party for safety audits ensures an unbiased, independent review. These safety audits ensure that the maintenance standards set forth by the FAA are being met or exceeded and that only the most experienced pilots are in command of your charter flight.