When you first call one of our private flight advisors, you’ll be asked a series of questions that will help us determine exactly what your trip requirements are. There are many factors that go into securing jet charter prices, including:

  • type and age of aircraft
  • repositioning fees
  • length of trip
  • airport fees
  • additional concierge services
  • fuel surcharges
  • operator costs
  • availability of preferred aircraft
  • location of aircraft relative to departure location

The easiest way to help our clients understand jet charter prices is to use an approximate hourly rate on a class-by-class basis.

So how much do private jets cost?

Here’s an idea of what our clients can expect for an hourly rate:

Turboprops $1,500 – $3,500/hour
Light jets $2,200 – $5,000/hour
Mid size jets $2,900 – $6,500/hour
Super mid jets $4,900 – $7,900/hour

Two Different Pricing Options

At Stratos Jets, we know that each client has a wide variety of travel requirements and budget. To better accommodate these needs, we offer two great purchasing options: On-Demand Pricing and Fixed-Rate Pricing.

On-Demand Pricing

These rates fluctuate based on three main considerations:

  • the type of aircraft being used
  • the availability of that aircraft
  • the location of that aircraft relative to the departure location

Our agents will work with you to help you find the most cost-effective solution for your travel requirements.

Fixed-Rate Pricing

For the clients that frequently fly privately, we offer fixed-rate pricing to ensure the aircraft charter fees are consistent each and every time. This allows some predictability to the cost of a private jet charter, and ensures your budget for private jets cost stays on target.